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Via a recording.  Weak and unusable here.  SSTV in Martin 1 at 2303 and 2349 started and stopped but never got going.  The only clear copy I had was "Happy Trails," the "From the Barnyard...Thunder Chicken Radio," and the closing Thunder.

Usually TCR has a very respectable signal, but not last (14 May) night.


Not a peep or a sighting here on 6880, 6935, or 7000, +/- 20 minutes around 0400 UTC.  The storm?  Too close (42 1/2 miles)?  Too far (42 1/2 miles)? 



Via a recording.  Probably Captain Morgan Shortwave.

A carrier appeared at 2344 on 28 April with no audio heard.  It disappeared at 2346, but returned at 2347 with instrumental Blues that became a male vocal at 2350.  There was an ID at 2354 that was not understood until I rewound the recording and tried USB.  Then I heard a male announcer say "?????? Morgan Shortwave." Captain Morgan, then?

USB was not great, but it was better than either AM or LSB.

At best, 25332

Via a recording.  35433 in Wyomissing.  The noise isn't too bad, but there are deep fades, accompanied by distortion.  Looking at the waterfall, a bandwidth of about 12,000 Hertz seems to fit.

The carrier popped-up a few seconds before 0028 and I heard a faint male voice at 0030.  Then and ID and email address.


Listening via a recording.  In the IDs by the YL, she does not say "Radio Nowhere Man."  She says "Radio Nowhere, Man," with a deliberate pause between "Nowhere" and "Man."  It seems that the station is "Radio Nowhere" and she is telling you that, "Man."


Via a recording.  RTI was in progress when my recording started. RTI shut down a 0243.  Noise and frequent fading made listening difficult.  35332 was average for the broadcast.  I believe that they gave both a mailing address and an email address more than once, but I never was able to discern either because of a Techno voice or the noise and fading.  The mailing address was Wuppertal, Germany.


Oops.  Wrong broadcast.  The one that I heard was earlier on the 12th.

From 2353 through 0018, unusable and just noted as faint music.


2320   35343 in Wyomissing.  Noisy night.  ID by Dick at 2316.


2332   Just noticed that there are Peskies on LSB.

Via a recording.  The carrier appeared about 0640, followed immediately with "Seventh Son."  32 dB over the noise means AM should be okay here.  As reported, whole bunches of 1930's and 40's music.  The signal was not nearly as nice in Wyomissing as others reported where they were:  45343 early in the broadcast, but by 0652 it was 35342.  Never a hint of an ID.

Nice show, thanks,


The Elad showed 6950.15

0422  25352 in Wyomissing.  20 dB above the noise.


Latin American Pirate / AD149 ? 6935 AM 0012 UTC 21 MAR 2024
« on: March 21, 2024, 1030 UTC »
Via a recording.  A carrier popped up at 0012 and disappeared at 0058.  Only 16 dB above the noise which was abut 7 dB higher than usual.  No audio heard.


Via a recording.  35354 @ 0055.

Nice show--thanks!


Via a recording.  The carrier appeared at 0506, then a saxophone with Jazz at 0508.  As good as 35343 at 0516, but deteriorated rapidly afterwards to mostly unusable.  Carrier disappeared mid-song at 0523.


Via a recording.
35453 at 2249 and 2341.
Solid ID at 2317, following the advertisement for Signal Ethyl gas--for new and prewar cars.


Via a recording.
35453 in Wyomissing at 0106.  Suffers from 6000 Hz bandwidth slicing off mids and highs.

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