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From a recording.
Signal came out of nowhere and appeared to sign-on at 0302.  Guitar music.  Mostly instrumental music followed until signing off at 0339.  Two SSTV broadcasts in Scottie 2 preceded sign-off.  The second, at 0337, IDed the broadcast as from Outhouse Radio.

During the entire broadcast I never heard an announcer's voice.

Mostly 25442.


SDR - Software Defined Radio / Recording to a hard drive--SSD or HDD?
« on: February 14, 2023, 2308 UTC »

I've been recording spectrum collected by my Elad S3 to a SSD.  Today, the SSD died--two computers cannot see it and when I tried to initialize the SSD, the window said nope; I/O errors.

I'm not using the S3's ability to record 24MHz of spectrum, just 400KHz.  In playing back there are many forwards and backs to catch details, so many R/W cycles.

What to you use?  SSD or HDD?  And, if you would, why?



Dick came on at 2307 with his normal opening music, then chatted a bit about being on for two days in a row.  Suddenly, the BC ended and Dick came back with reports of popping and crackling.  He was, and did, sign-off to see what was up.

Gone at 2309


1313  Found an SSTV image in Scottie 2 in YONIQ this morning.  Transmitted at 0905 UTC.  "QRM" and nothing else.  Image was dirty due to the noise.  Radio set to 6925USB.  A bit of slant in the letters.


Elevator music.  11,500 is a nice audio envelope.  Music, then quite periods, then music.

No signal around 0212.


About 40 dB over the noise.  Still quiet at 0215.  10,500, not 11,500

0033  Venus in Blue Jeans, then more music.  Bandwidth is about 10,000 Hz.  35 dB above the noise.


Tuned in at 2138 to Rap.  35443 in Wyomissing at 2148.


0205  I tuned-in at 0205 to old rock (Find My Way Home, Pusher Man, All Right, That Smell, Hello I Love You) at about 30 dB above the noise.
0231  The broadcast ended abruptly, mid-song.  At this time, the signal was only about 10 dB above the noise.  I never heard an ID. 

This is the same frequency and mode as Clear Talk Radio but long after others had reported a sign-off.  As 6900 and LSB are unusual, maybe Clear Talk resumed.


From 0132 short clips--10s or so--of old rock and pop songs
0149  SSTV in Scottie 1:  "It's the fickle finger of nickledness"
0151  Longer portions of songs being played
35332 in Wyomissing.


"pickledness" not "nickledness"

From 1621  Non-stop Christmas tunes.

45343 in Wyomissing.

1654  "Santa Baby" is such a perverse song!  I love it!

1701  Waterfall suggests that the bandwidth is 20 KHz.  Anyone else note that?


0007  Can just hear music in Wyomissing.  Green-Eyed Lady was just understandable. 


Latin American Pirate / AD149 Radio 6934.9 AM 2318 UTC 11 Nov 2021
« on: November 11, 2021, 2321 UTC »
Faint and unusable in AM.  Slightly better in ECSS, but still unusable.
Rock music


North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM 2037 UTC 28 Oct 2021
« on: October 28, 2021, 2045 UTC »
Lads chatting about one of them having received a letter from the FCC about playing music on the 40M ham bands.  Fairly rational discussion.  Heckler in the background.
35342 in Wyomissing.
Still rolling at 2045.


ID at 2133.  Soft Jazz.  Nice signal in Wyomissing @ 45554


edit by Ray : the time was in UTC+2, I change it to UTC

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6935 USB 0113 UTC 25 Sep 2021
« on: September 25, 2021, 1040 UTC »
After Zekey closed down at 0105 (Zekey said "Goodnight all, take care" and the signal disappeared), another station appeared to take over the frequency.  I noted it at 0113.  An OM was repeating, many times, over and over, this:  "and they ????? ????? control everything."  Followed by some old, English-sounding (as in UK) rock.  Then a longer, repeated phrase that ended with a threat to disconnect our computers.  All interspersed with single, old, English-sounding rock tunes.  The OM's voice had an affected character that I obviously found difficult  to understand.  The voice sequences were repeated, always with a single tune between each series.

I grew weary of it all at 0128 and pulled the plug.


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