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Wolverine heard here in central Florida at 0040 UTC. Signal strong on an Sangean ATS-909 and 110 foot end fed wire.

Some weak music here, SIO 222 or so.

I'm hearing WRRI here in Lakeland in central Florida. They are as strong as S8 and fade back to S4.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925.0 USB 02:22 UTC 9/4/15
« on: September 04, 2015, 0233 UTC »
ID at 0225 UTC Amphetamine Radio on 6925.0 kHz. SIO 444 in central Florida.

I have Captain Morgan Shortwave on 6924.260 kHz AM. Audio is a bit over driven. First heard at 0030 UTC 12 July 2015. SIO 555. Variety of blues tunes. ID at 0040 UTC.

I have North Woods Radio on 6935.000 kHz USB. SIO 544. Found them at 0002 UTC Sunday July 12, 2015 playing a variety of rock/blues music. ID at 0007 UTC with some barn yard type sounds included.

At 0146 UTC I here you in Lakeland, FL on 6876.040 kHz and slowly drifting down in frequency. You are S9 with some fading and lightning static.

XLR8. ID's at 0113 and 0116 UTC. S7 on Inverted L, S9 on loop in central Florida.

From here in Lakeland, FL I have MAC Shortwave on 6950.45 kHz beginning at 2313 UTC. 2324 UTC playing Star Spangled Banner then abruptly disappeared. SIO 444 on horizontal loop and 344 on vertical.

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