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We hear this in the mornings (around 1500-1600 UTC) from around 3840->3905khz quite regularly.
We though it was a chinese over the horizon radar (since we're hearing it very consistently on the west coast, but some days we dont hear it).
December 9th at 1500UTC it was very obvious.

Equipment / Re: Ridiculously High SWR for G5RV Jr.
« on: December 11, 2018, 0548 UTC »
I have the G5RVMax (the 160m sized one, its 204' from end to end) and have used it as a transmitting antenna for years.
I learned a couple things:

1) you can match it with a tuner pretty much everywhere.   If you can't, try changing the length of the feedline by 10 or 20 feet.  (I used to have to do that on 20m with one tuner i had.  Dont with the current one, which is an Elecraft KAT500.

2) *dont'* use it as an inverted vee.  I had mine configured that way when i first put it up, and it was "ok".  It was a several S units better antenna when i had it flat. (ie. ends up about as high as the center point).  *Huge* difference.

3) yeah the SWR graph is amazing.  Let me see if i can attach one i ran with my RigExpert just a couple weeks ago here.
G5RVMax SWR Curve

Equipment / Re: General Coverage Comms rxer down to 20KHz?
« on: December 11, 2018, 0540 UTC »
I think the RX-340 goes down that far.  Mine seems to anyway. 

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Radio Verdad 4055 kHz 1143 UTC 22 Sept 2018
« on: December 11, 2018, 0535 UTC »
i'm hearing it right now....
moderately strong on the west coast with some fading.
good test of the lightly used RX-340 i just got my hands on.

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