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Forgot to add email, kindly QSL if you receive this:

docrhw (at) gmail.com

A bit rough in Minnesota but vocals are clear.

Getting into southern Minnesota, though not terribly strong and with frequent bursts of noise.  SINPO around 21423.  Tone sounds excellent but overall faint; heard woman singing about how they like her sedated.  20m ham band signals have been fading in and out all day so no surprise there are propagation issues.  Kindly QSL to docrhw at gmail.com

Utility / Weird tapping on 6950
« on: March 20, 2022, 2323 UTC »
Strong in Minnesota.  No ID heard yet.

Spooky sounds and digital starting now.  In SE Minnesota.  Lots of QRN but can hear through it.  Kindly reply if possible.
docrhw (at) gmail.com

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6950 USB 2303 UTC 12 Sep 2021
« on: September 13, 2021, 0005 UTC »
Heard in St Paul MN.  Discussion of being in Pittsburgh, having guitar, buried in Jonesboro.  Fading and with static.

A tremendous signal into St. Paul MN.  About 5x7 with Hookie Hawaiian song just finished and solid station ID.  Slight background noise but not at all interfering.  Cycle 25 lives!  (Please QSL to docrhw at gmail.com)
Getting even stronger, enjoying the energetic music while grading papers.

Odd noises in SE Minnesota.  Pretty hard to make out but music coming in and out with what sounds like over-modulation too. 

Instrumentals playing now, a bit watery but readable in SE Minnesota.

Still going and really strong in SE Minnesota.  Coming in well on my attic dipole.

Not terribly strong in Minnesota but ID at 0114 very clear.  Still going with vocals.  Ham KW0U

Really strong into southern Minnesota at 0025 UTC (625 PM Central).  Signal tone just a little watery but conditions have been lousy on the bands.  Excellent vocals and instrumentals plus woman very strong with "WHATEVER".  Male saying "To the ionosphere connecting with Radio Free Whatever," which sounds about right.  Into a riff about the party and "all about me."  A professional station.  Anyone know if QSLing is done by operator?

Undercover radio ID at 2335.  Solid address by Dr Benway as undercoverradio@gmail.com, then faded here in MN. 

Squeal in background but man and woman with high pitched singing quite audible in Minnesota.  Conditions are improving.
Please QSL docrhw(at)gmail.com

Heavy metal music coming in to southeast Minnesota at 02:30.  Powerful but watery sound with intermittent SSTV.  S5 but readability around 3.  Doing "In a Garden of Eden" now.
Listed email not working, and have no TV monitor.  Would appreciate eqsl to docrhw@gmail.com

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