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S9 +30 Loud and proud into central NY tonight!
23:17 Its all right now - Rolling Stones live
23.23 "You want more  - here we go"
23:24  Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones live

Thanks for the show guys!!!!!

6940 USB 0002 UTC 30 OCT 2021

Highway to Hell ACDC - awesome S10+10 signal into CNY!

22:45 Count Dracula with good S8-9 signal into CNY

21:11 speech still going...very good S9+30 signal into central NY!   .....trying to identify this speaker, possibly a presidential candidate during the depression????

6940 USB 2105  New leadership speech............"headed for the chaos of bankruptcy"

20:53 and the are gone!  :(

20:50 Come on baby light my fire!   .........nice!!!  S9 +10-20 ......signal is cranking into CNY!!!  Too much fun!

20:38 Spooky little girl like you....
20:42 DJ with Live Saturday - lead into the Monster Mash - it was a graveyard smash!

Very nice signal into CNY state this afternoon - S8-S9 sometime S9(+10)

Happy Halloween! ...............My grandson thinks this is pretty cool! ...almost as good as GTA!

Had a nice signal here in upstate NY 18:55-19:00z. Playing Season of the witch at the top of the hour, then signal was gone. We will be listening for more!

S9 at 23:10 Johnny Lee Hooker

S9 at 23:15 with Lonesome George Thorogood - One Bourbon, One Scotch...

S1 w/fading but copying the Grateful Dead tunes.........

23:06 - 23:11

23:12: shout out to all the posters here from Levi Radio?

Great signal into CNY this afternoon! S6-S9...........very nice

21:16 Hotel California - Eagles
21:21 "how are you enjoying the show? Radio?..........then to next song
21:22  Military Man - Gary Moore?

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6955 USB oo22 UTC 30Oct16
« on: October 30, 2016, 0029 UTC »
Nice signal S2-S4 in NY
0027 - dirty work
0028 - car sounds leading into ??? song

S1-S5 here in CNY

0014 - various spooky sounds and siren
0018 - jazz/big band music
0020 - fading

Nice signal into CNY tonight! S9 with minor fading.

Flower Power!!!!

23:38 UTC - Journey to the center of your minf
23:42 UTC - ID
23:43 UTC - Go ask Alice
23:45 UTC - I had too much too drink last night
23:48 UTC - Innocence and peppermints
23:51 UTC - Venus

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