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QSLs Received / Anarchy 1 relay by NAPRS - MAR 23
« on: March 26, 2023, 2022 UTC »

Thanks for relay and riotous eQSL  ;)

Very good reception, some fades.  Happy Spring ION
2012 "One Mint Julep" Ray Charles
2015 "Tubthumping" Chumbawamba
2019 "Kryptonite" 3 Doors Down
2022 ID to "Love Forever" Babe Rainbow
2025 "The Slumbering Ones" Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound
2030 "Aqueous Transmission" Inncubus
2036 "India-Oscar-November" to "Winchester Cathedral" The New Vaudeville Band
2038 "White Bird" It's A Beautiful Day
Request? "The Rain, The Park, & Other Things" The Cowsills?
2044 "Everywhere" Fleetwood Mac
2049 Buried in noise now  :(
2052 Back - "Stink-Foot" Frank Zappa
2054 "Hawaii Five-O" Dweezil Zappa
2055 "No Rain" Blind Melon

Very noisy here

1917 Madonna song


1650 Faint music

Good reception....Good Times Radio, again?

1517 "Eye of the Tiger" Kenny Loggins
1518 Off?
1520 "Eye of the Tiger" Kenny Loggins, stopped mid-song, then OFF

Noisy/fades - peaks very good.  Couldn't tell band at first due to noise.
1413 Classical music
1416 New selection, too noisy to pull ID out.
1418 About 30 seconds of noise free reception
1424 Noise abating, long stretches of very good reception - piano piece
1440 Sc-Fi skit

Very Good Reception
1359 "Danger Zone" Kenny Loggins
1400 "Hooked On A Felling" Blue Swede
1403 "Holiday" Madonna
1408 "Lucky Star" Madonna
1410 Audio cut-off mid-song

Not so, WFAN was carrying the Westwood One crew.  WFAN has dropped coverage of individual college teams (too much NFL, NBA, and MLB to broadcast), they had done Rutgers and St. John's in the past.  A few years ago, UConn flagship switched from flamethrower WTIC 1080 am Hartford with a handful of statewide affiliates to WUCS (ESPN) 97.9 FM Hartford with affiliates.

UConn is not really considered local in NYC market, it's a good 2.5-3 hour drive from Storrs to NYC.  Though, playing at MSG is almost like a home game for UConn because it is an easy train trip from New Haven and southwestern Connecticut for students and alumni. For a long stretch of time St. John's would not schedule UConn at MSG because UConn fans would take over the building.  WFAN will give passing acknowledgement to UConn football/basketball when playing well as Fairfield County is in their radio market under an hour from the City.

BTW, UConn has the best "Big" game in college, when they hit their 3's, no one can stay with them.  They did get up to #2, smacked Alabama on a neutral court, which followed 3.5 weeks of looking lost to start the New Year.  They turned it around at the right time.  This team reminds me a lot of the 2004 National Championship team which had 5 future NBA-ers/great "Big" game, this year's team should also have 5 eventually drafted.  They might not win tourney but they are pretty solid with a great coach.

Sorry, late to the party - peas, kale, spinach went into ground this morn.  ;D
Very Good reception

1245 OM talking with hoarse voice, alarm horn sounded, snail mail address
1246 Religious parody skit

Very Good reception - seems like same set as yesterday

2216 "Happy" Pharrell Williams
2218 Off

Very good receotion

2114 ID to Unid indy
DJDW, if you are looking for new music - Lana Del Rey's new album "Did You Know There Is A Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard" came out to rave reviews the other day, I'd take anything off of it.
2118 ID to more music
2123 DJDW taking music, new song "Dance On My Hands" (?)
2127 ID to band that sounds a little like Wheezer
2129 ID to music
2152 Shoutouts, including me, thanks DJDW
2208 DJDW talking about Depeche Mode
2209 DJDW playing Lana Del Rey "Did You Know There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd."....thanks  ;D
2214 ID to more music
2305 DJDW still going "...from the ionosphere to you...."
2316 "Just A Girl" Florence & The Machine

Excellent Reception
2112 "Hell's Bells" AC/DC
2138 The Crusher saying he is not Mr. Nuttin' to music

Best wishes for DX'ing and for my Mariners to actually make it to the post-season for TWO years in a row!

I've got them winning the AL West only to fall to the Jays in the ALCS.  Still don't understand how they didn't make Series in 2001.  ::)


0057 IS but losing battle with noise

2121 Right at noise floors with peaks and fades, OM rapping/singing

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