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European Pirate / Re: Coast FM 6230 AM 1712 utc 23 mar 2019
« on: March 23, 2019, 2322 UTC »
2320 UTC Chinese S9+20

Other / Re: RU vs Yunik R. 3731 LSB 0014 UTC 19 Mar 2019
« on: March 23, 2019, 2155 UTC »
2140 UTC  RU S5, and early patriotic songs, again about Crimea M W "eta rodina maja eta russkaja zemla"
 UA S7 leader Stanislaw comments on a Belarusian correspondent named Viktor Iwanowitch
 Ukraine is seeking support from democratically oriented Belarusians. The Russians are mocking Belarus.
 2201 UA jaming loop "uważąemye grażdane Rassii wasze miasto uparasze"

European Pirate / Re: Radio AC-DC tent. 1807 utc 23 mar 2019
« on: March 23, 2019, 1831 UTC »
1828 UTC S2 over noice , hard rock readable despite the CN on this FRQ

European Pirate / Re: Radio Casanova 6240 AM 1757 utc 23 mar 2019
« on: March 23, 2019, 1810 UTC »
1806 UTC M DU? ID?..Netherland, accordion music
1808 Nuevo Loredo DJ talking
1812 greets for me?, C&W style song, 1815 improve to S2-3 over noice
1820 S6 with ATT 20dB Butterfly Effect, 1822 Dance In The Sunlight, during DJ EN talk
1824 TRX off?

European Pirate / Re: Zeppelin Radio 7726 AM 1624 utc 23 mar 2019
« on: March 23, 2019, 1806 UTC »
1802 UTC trace of music S1 over noice level
1958 S2 over noice  The Horse
2012 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed

European Pirate / Re: Mustang Radio 6280 AM 1723 utc 23 mar 2019
« on: March 23, 2019, 1758 UTC »
1756 UTC oooo! S9+20  Celebrate   Fiocco
1832 S8 the most powerful station at 48m!!! modulation 10kHz
 good evening everybody ID, annonced end of transmission, Lizard Mauro Picotto
1839 Touching A Stranger

Hi Ray 1842 what new station? audio breaks, other music and program runnings
1844 DJ EN ID Radio Caroline?  dot com  Zombie Ran-D
1850 ID jingle, Do They It's Christmas
1853 gone? 1855 TRX off

Other / Yunik Radio new loop 7050/7055 LSB 1250 UTC 23 Mar 2019
« on: March 23, 2019, 1305 UTC »
1250 UTC S7 UA new loop YL rapp mixing on EN and RU  "DJ Statsin Ukrain"
Statsin it's a first name of leader UA Yunik Radio . Then there is a rap song performed by Stanisław.
1346 so long UA loop - It's good to hear them all over the EU except for GR.
Near Moscow city RU leader is dominating "you have to kill  the Ukrainian people (patriots) are the ways "
1512 The leader of the UA introduced himself, I am Yunik Stanislaw ( hence the name Yunik Radio). Statsin is the diminutive name of the leader. Two people work for us, and a girl from Donbas Ioannina will come to the tim. We broadcast when our experts indicate the appropriate propagation conditions. You do not do this and do not drown the area of Minsk even with 100kW transmitters. You reach only S7.
1620 UA break in broadcasting on 7055
         RU on 7050 continue song about "his Crimea" - no UA jaming, 1625 TRX off, 1626 digi transmission
1638 7055 S6 RU after the announcement of "allo allo" broadcast a modern instrumental deformed phase music, Spanish guitar as Pure Paradise.
Sorry my mistake - all OK when you tune correct FRQ 7055,030  :o

Other / Re: Russian anti-Ukrainian 7055 LSB 1721 UTC 22 mar 2019
« on: March 23, 2019, 1027 UTC »
Hi Josh - thank you for your opinion and for all of you showing interest. Traces of this war can be found in the network from the beginning of the annexation of Ukrainian lands by Russia. When I found this radio phenomenon, I did not know what was happening and where to qualify. On the established FRQ in the amateur band of 40 and 80 m, the UA and RU stations fight in brutal and vulgar words. They use transmitters with the power of many times exceeding the amateur equipment (which drew my attention to the waterfall) I have a 3 kW transmitter and broadcast from the Carpathians, says the leader of the UA. Nobody gives call signs, but lead station leaders know the names of the opponents (inteligence serv.?) and give them open on the air.
The Ukrainian leader says to the Russians: I am an officer of the Ukrainian army, I was on a contract in the American army, Americans and democratic European countries support us technically and economically. Our territories of Donbas and Crimea are constantly watched by satellites and we see all your actions, they are remembered and the time of settlement for your crimes will come. Three American fighters fly over the occupied territories and you can not oppose them.
There is no doubt that these are stations supported by their government propaganda services. The UA station works live commenting on the current situation and referring to the interlocutors from the ether. The RU station broadcasts music (often distorted) and developed journalistic materials, allows its amateurs to attack the Ukrainian side.
   In summary, these are not secret stations. It is an open radio war of the propaganda services of the AU and RU with the participation of HAM's of these countries.

Other / Re: UKrainian pirate 7055 LSB 1721 UTC 22 mar 2019
« on: March 22, 2019, 2145 UTC »

Should I rename it Yunik Radio (before I move it to other) ?
  Hi Ray -  no, it was a Russian station, not a Ukrainian one.
The name Yunik Radio has recently been used by the leading Ukrainian station
It's best to transfer this thread to Other - as you know, these are not pirate stations in our understanding.

2205 TNX Ray!

Other / UA vs RU 40m radio war so long 1445 UTC 22 Mar 2019
« on: March 22, 2019, 2043 UTC »
Both FRQ 7050LSB and 7055LSB were very active this afternoon. Good propagation.
1445 UTC at 7055 worked RU the leading station broadcasting Russian melodies to drown out the politicians.
- 7050 shouting hostile debaters. The leading UA station dominated its power by drowning the opponents. 1533 The UA leader said that he has 3kW power and he mocked Russian correspondents that they do not have money for more powerful transmitters. I do not bother you to play music on 7055 because it's not a politician...
   1553 UA leader..many vulgar harsh comments against Russia .."ty riżyj pederast... ruskij ewrej..."

Yesterday on these FRQ alternately every few minutes there were strong short transmissions of digi util. The leading UA vs RU stations quickly switched to the free channel.
  - 1602 7055 UA leader "... we need ground, air, work and home ..."
     the activity ends shortly after sunset.

Hi Fabuffet and All!
You are new to the forum, so see in the thread "Other" everything about UA vs RU radio war and Yunik Radio. It was a propaganda station of the Russian regime. Today, for many hours, she gave the deformed phase of Russian music and in Russian in the loop  the text:
 "Ukrainian people, you stupid people, you over-naked people ..." Ukrainskij narod, wy głupye, was nado unicztożit'...

2340 UTC they are already on their channel 5140  S7-9
traditional old band musik

MW Free Radio / Re: UNID GR 1700 AM 2155 UTC 18 Mar 2019
« on: March 20, 2019, 1758 UTC »
Thanks to Zeppelin R. for explaining the situation at MW in Greece. With interest, we expect you to HF!

Z.R. >>we using here the 1640 khz  only for speaking between pirates,bla.. bla ..like a coffee shop,can you imagine a program for 8 hours long on this frq? a minimum number of 30 stations in a circle with radius 5km around irritaded !!

Peskies / 6229 USB peskies 0014 UTC 20 Mar 2019
« on: March 20, 2019, 0026 UTC »
0014 UTC SIO 222 one way talking IT (or SP) peskies
0025 traces of answers
0028 sel call tones allo allo

MW Free Radio / Re: UNID GR 1700 AM 2155 UTC 18 Mar 2019
« on: March 19, 2019, 2327 UTC »
Forgive me Zeppeli R. I had to go to sleep to be fit in the morning.
I am watching MW and both of these FRQ are often occupied by Greek stations. Now 1700 is S9.
Tonight on 1640 a strong Dutch station is working. It's tight on the band. Good luck - we're waiting for your start on MW! On the HF, your FRQ 7726 is probably better than the 43 and 48 m range. It's good for me at night too. You are reaching overseas!
The HAM's 40m band is often dead at night - for me the zone is near. See the propagation map:

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