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1909 S9+40  Private dancer  Tina Turner

1755 S9+45  Skandal im Sperrbezirk  Spider Murphy Gang
1800 no talking   Never marry a railroad man  Shocking Blue
1803 DJ E thanks for reports  Stop stop stop  The Hollies
1805 D ID ???
1817 Summer nights John Travolta & Olivia Newton-Jones over  DJ talking what about Johnny Tobacco
1926 S9+45  Fendt  Troglauer

1753 S9+35  The riddle  Gigi D'Agostino
1838 We're going to Ibiza!  Vengaboys
1806 S9+40 DJ  coldbeerradio@hotmail.com  FRQ confirmed

1715 S9+40 Als een Leeuw in een Kooi  Willy Sommers
1716 DJ G or D Radio Ronaisa ?  march
1720 DJ confirmed ID and shout out to me - thanks!!!    Around my dream  Silver Pozzoli
1726 Magic fly  Space
1733 Highway to Hell  AC/DC
1743 reception report pls to   radioronalisa@hotmail.com,  No limit  2 Unlimited
1749 ID near the German border, greets to me and Ray - thanks

1640 S9+25 6289.88 carrier only
1751 flute istrumental

1503 another S9+20 unreadable music station entered
1510 DJ E talking no catch ID mentioned Radio Monique, @ ,   The Joker  Steve Miller Band

1445 S9+30  Blue Monday  New Order DJ E talking, ID confirmed
1449 Not ready to make nice  The Chics
1457 ID and @  good bye, jingle
1502 gone audio next TX off


1442 S9+25  Whiskey in the jar  Celtic Thunder

2218 S9+25 Valencia

2149 S9+10 faded high nose and storm crashes,  D song

2107 S9+40 flat modulation, D song
2110 DJ D talks and laughs next D song
2113 Geronimo's cadillac  Modern Talking
2117 improve modulation  Movie star  Marc Davis
2120 Papa Americano  A Col Beat DJ
2130 DJ D no catch ID Gimme gimme gimme ABBA, thanks for report to Mr Antonio
2135 DJ D ID I understood Zender Akenzo he talks and laughs is his style, ID OK

2020 4900 S9+40  Van goes tot purmerend  Jan Smith
        5800 S9+45 10kc wide  DJ D thanks for reporten over this song ( Zender Akenzo?)
2041 5800 and 4900 gone

   This is one of two South American stations I've received legibly at my location this year.
I'm on the side of their beam, I envy you Paul such a great signal!
 The second station was Brasil Central on 4985 - they have a clear channel in my place.

1930 6289,88 S9+30  Nights in white satin  James Last
1938 O sole mio   instrumental
2016 S9+35  Oxygene, Pt.4  JMJ

1755 S9+45 10kc wide  C&W Johnny D on MIC
1806 Johnny hello to me and thanks for report  Wondering  Web Pierce - nice to her you again Johnny!
1809 ID confirmed, greetings, shout out to Panda
1815 Kamperen in gruun  Herman de Vries
1819 Lonely rider   Eddi Meduza
1825 Der Legionar  Freddy Quinn
1832 Best of burden  Bette Midler
       Johnny - you fill us with good energy and humor, that's why we like to listen to you!
1835 specially to Skandinavien  Han hade seglad fr om masten
1838 hello to Alexander Minsk BY spasiba all the best, I never once stopped loving you Connie Smith
1849 announced I'm closing down, good bye good night all the best
1854 Knockin' on Heaven's door  Bob Dylan    special to Misti
1900 The world needs a drink  Terri Clark -  for a nice evening
1907 Jonny singing togather again Han Hade Seglat Fr Om Masten by Harry Brandelius
        - I guess you love sailing and the sea, so do I! Thanks for greets to me!!!
          next greets to Alex  Steamy windows  T.Turner
1916 Bohnen in die Ohren Gus Backus
1919 nice polka to all friends
1923 Brabantse nachten zijn lang  Arie Ribbens - good night
1929 gone audio carrier only
arr. 1935 TX off

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