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0054 UTC - Sounds like instrumental jazz music.
S7-S9 direct, low noise floor this evening

0116 UTC  - Lady by Little River
0123 UTC -  Ladies Night by Kool & The Gang
S7 direct with nice audio.

0044 UTC. Excellent reception this evening S9+ direct. Music playing.

2348 UTC. S8 nice signal direct.
Medley - Hold me tight
2357 - Live and let die

Booming S9 signal direct.
0019 - "Salt Water" by Chicane
0033 - “Losing my religion” mix
0041- “ Cool for the Summer”
0054 - “Lanes” by Yuna
Thanks for the show. Enjoying the tunes on a warm spring evening out on the patio

0021: CCR - Born on the Bayou. S7 into Ontario

QSLs Received / Re: Radio 48 via MRI, 18-19 MAR 2023 eQSL
« on: March 24, 2023, 2011 UTC »
Received the same. Thanks for the broadcast and eqsl.

0107UTC - music and S9 direct into Ontario.
0126 UTC - Still booming in with a mix.

0053 UTC - Boulevard of broken dreams by Gregorian. S5 with lots of fading direct. 

I am currently listening to them as well. They have have been booming in here for the last hour with a S9+ signal. I have never received RNI this strong before. This is a excellent shortwave station.

0115 UTC - song Mountain time. S5 with a lot of noise direct.

00:05 UTC. Senses working over time by XTC. Nice S9 signal into Ontario
00:08 UTC - Voices carry by ‘Til Tuesday
00:27 UTC - Blisters in the sun  by Violent Femmes
00:32 UTC - Town called Malice by the jam
00:34 UTC - Walk like an Egyptian by the Bangles

2232 UTC - Flight of the Earls song.  S7 direct into S. Ontario

2222 UTC - Street Life. S9 nice signal
2227 UTC - ID
2229 UTC - Linkin Park - Numb mix
2243 UTC - Somebody I used to know mix

2147UTC - sounds  like  Marylin Manson. Nice signal about S7 into S. Ont.
2152 UTC - off

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