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I must have gotten here at exactly the same time as the above poster.  Sonny and Cher "I Got You Babe" with annoying running commentary from B&BH.
Some mixed announcements segues and on to a pop-ish synth tune I don't recognize.  S9 in USB mode so not X.  Location here is Central Ohio.  Receiver is a newly aquired Icom IC-R8600 using the Rf Systems DX-10 pro active antenna on the garage roof.

Current time, 06:15 11/20/22 UTC.  While attempting to find the song via Soundhound, a second station seems to have fired up underneath?

ID as Radio 48.  Mail to Radio48@Protonmail

Star Spangled Banner @ 06:18


Update: ID as Radio KMD?  06:45.  Not my style of music so changing freq.

ID and Translation Requests / 502 KHz UNID?
« on: November 09, 2022, 0400 UTC »
Seems to be constantly repeating the same 2 tone type signal approx 10 sec duration over and over. I can't seem to find much if anything on 502KHz stations.  This is not CW. Maybe some new format for beacons I am not familiar with?

Hearing it at S7 in central Ohio, SRRPlay RSP2pro and RF Systems DX10 active antenna, 0358 Nov 9, 2022



Sounding very strong in East Central Ohio.  S9+ with best SNR so far of 12dB

01:47 UT

Hearing them in Central Eastern Ohio as well.  Too weak to make out the tunes. Bluesy but unable to find the music using phone apps due to the signal strength.  A version of Baby Please Don't Go?

Just over the noise on the Icom IC-7300 on the 6BTV.  Unable to hear it on the Icom IC-R71a and any of the active antennas.  SDR is busy right now but generally if the 71A can't hear it, the SDR won't either.

02:33 UTC, 4/5/2022


PS, just a bit ago there were voice coms on 6925 LSB.  ?

Sigint. I didn't realize any pirate stations were actually using digital. Very interesting.  Not a terrible sound this way.  The ability to essentially do analog and digital at the same time is interesting stuff.

Thanks for that.  Still listening for the address.  U2 = Gloria, 04:17 UTC


S9+10 in Central Ohio.
Human League - Don't you want me
Trans-European Express - Kraftwerk  (used to love those guys)
Der Kommissar - After the Fire

Listening for the email address for QSL info.

Tonight using the SDRPlay RSP2pro, RF Systems DX-10.  Signals are -74dB NF, 13dB SNR.  3:51UTC,  4/3/2022

The signal looks to be AM but is not listenable in AM mode.  USB is OK but the signal waveform is very distorted on the USB side.  Occasionally flipping to LSB and changing bandwidths randomly.

Deep, out.

This didn't seem like a continuation of the same type of music so this may have been someone else but just heard 666 by Rotting Christ (lovely) followed by one SoundHound can't find.  S9 with QSB in Central Ohio.  05:15UTC 3/13/22 for 666.

Using the IC-7300 on the 6BTV.  The active antenna and long wire are not as strong.  SNR is decent.


Yep.  I had intended to but wanted to type up the info as quickly as I could.  It may be worth watching the freq off and on to see if it shows up again.

FYI, the /rUkraine sub on Reddit has been posting some actions by Anonymous and others attempting to disrupt various Russian military frequencies and at least one list of military frequencies was published there.  I cannot confirm as I am out of the area and unable to hear any such signals direct and will not be tying up SDRs in the area to listen for some time.

Just checked 7.228. Not present at this time.


Hearing a loud series of tones on 7.228 MHz. S9 in Central Ohio on the IC-7300 and 6BTV antenna.  The timing is off on some sections of the sequence which makes me wonder if it isn't encoded in some way.  The sequence of tones does seem to have odd spacing too.  Off air just now at 0632 UTC.

Did a search on the forums and a generic search. Nothing but a few mentions of an Amateur Radio Net.



S9 and clear in USB
Very little fading in Central Ohio

Some interference from the wider digital coms normally in this area.

Icom IC-7300 on the 6BTV and the Icom IC-R71a and RF Systems DX-10 Pro active.

s - out

Loud and clear in Central Ohio tonight.

Just wrapped up Wildfire, currently playing Sex on Fire followed by ID

S9+10 with some slow rolling fades.  AM mode.

IC-R71a on a DX-10 Pro active antenna.

Ops note there is some digital transmission on this freq.  Don't be caught jamming while you're jammin'.


I take it back. Someone is back on the freq, AM.  0200 UTC.  I have 6.924.77 here.  Non GPS locked IC-7300.


Twilight Zone at what seems like sign off, 0154 UTC
S9 most of the time but yes, sounds like he/she was driving the input too hard.

Central Ohio, IC-7300 and 6BTV antenna.


Excellent stuff.
Several Cars tunes and now a little known or heard ZZ Top tune - Heaven Hell or Houston.  Kudos.
0343 UTC

So farewell, my darling
Perhaps we'll meet again
On some sin-infested street corner in Houston Texas

DeepBlue - out

SSTV ID as Outhouse Radio.

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