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Listening in suburban Wash DC via the W1EUJ Kiwi SDR in Massachusetts. Rough signal but receivable.

From Fairfax VA -- S9, occasional fade

1819 UTC "Words Get In The Way" (Gloria Estefan) - Song cuts off before end.
1820 UTC Silence
1822 UTC "Lovecats" (The Cure) - joined in progress
1825 UTC "Jeopardy" (Greg Kihn Band)
1828 UTC "Self Control" (Laura Branigan)

Listening via NA5B online SDR receiver

Other / Classic Rock 7200 LSB 8 Feb 2019
« on: February 08, 2019, 2155 UTC »
Hello community. Brand new participant here with my first posting, but long time radio hobbyist and pro broadcaster. It may take me a day or two to properly report and post so bear with me.

Listening in suburban Washington DC, and got a signal playing classic rock (Kinks, Cream et al) and TV soundbites (Rod Serling), 7200 LSB 2130 to 2150 UTC and beyond, 8 Feb 2019.  S7 on my SDR meter.

Anyone know who I've got? Thanx.

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