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Listening since 0032. Unbelievably strong signal (Sri Lanka is fast approaching sunrise) and and chalk-full of SC music.

Shortwave Broadcast / ORTM Radio Mali (JAN 23)
« on: January 23, 2022, 2238 UTC »
5.995 Hearing them since 2213, with a killer signal. No headphones necessary (55444).  Folk/modern Malian music, almost jazz-like, with "Radio Nationale" IDs and mentions of "nationale" and Francais." Presumed news at 2230 with several OMs, all in FR.

Ross Comeau
Andover, MA

Shortwave Broadcast / UNID on 3.360
« on: December 19, 2021, 0446 UTC »
UNID. Listening from 0438. OM preacher (announced as "New Life Radio) and some gospel mx. Very good, clean signal with no interference and only vague noise. Steady with good audio. No listing in shortwave.info or the WRTVH. Pirate or unlisted legal station?


Heard disco music  with a good signal and moderate noise. Abruptly off at 0143.

0148 - Appears to be back on with good signal and disco music, but now is on 1.734.98.

Ross Comeau
Andover, MA
Please QSL: rosscomeau01@gmail.com

Hearing this since 0045 with pop music and occasional and brief OM talk. Signal has been gradually improving. Now fair-good with no interference, moderate-minor noise and some fading, but not severe. This has the feel and sound of a Euro, but understanding the brief announcements has been just out of reach.

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