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Gentlemen this is not a European Pirate station!
German licensee

Hi there.
Please note that this is not a European Pirate station. Transmitting location is in Lower Saxony / Germany in accordance with a licence issued by the German Federal Net.

They are https://shortwaveradio.de

The Vault will test propagation to North America in the 19m Broadcast band on Saturday 18th June. Frequency of 15105kHz mode USB 6kz bandwidth. Transmission to commence at 2100 UTC, duration one to three hours.
Transmission may be intermittent.
The Vault antenna array will be looking to North America for this test.
 If heard, your reports will be very welcome in the European Pirate section here on HF Underground.
With thanks and best regards
By the way, our dear friends Harmony may appear near by !

1954 via a UK web SDR
S6-8 fast fades USB

1952 OM live ID next music
1955 ID from OM presenter
1956 Police - Message in a bottle

2000 ID from OM with comments next
Dire Straits- Walk of Life

1417 : music via Ireland northwest kiwi
14:19 cats in the cradle

15:00 off

Broadcast Announcements / The Vault Update
« on: April 21, 2022, 1554 UTC »
Greetings from The Vault.
The Vault will be conducting low power tests for the next two weeks, commencing 21st April.
Carrier is 40w. Modulation is 110% peak. This transmitter is locked to 6985kHz, no other channels will he used during these tests.
All reports welcomed.
We will use the next two weeks to work through a QSL back log - thank you for your patience and time.

Now on 6985kHz
Best wishes

1203 music direct to The Vault

1203 S6 -7  old time ska

1207 ID unreadable deep fades

1216 ID Radio Jennifer ??? (unconfirmed) difficult to read

1220 ID Radio Jennifer !

Listening on W1NT kiwi NH

Music weak but readable moderate fading

0007 Parachute- Something Happens

Next music
Fading down now

0013 Lets stick together- Canned Heat

Listening via a Kiwi in Switzerland
2103 Music fading just above the noise floor...
Not possible to ID there for last 30 mins

* its moved to 6930.86

edit by Ray : it was a reply to UNID 6930 AM 2100 UTC 3 DEC 2021, (no edit)
(so the note about the move)
but seems to be a different station, only around 6931.

2nd edit by Ray : that UNID was Indy Radio (see on Saturday 4th reports)

Broadcast Announcements / The Vault Relay 27 Nov 8pm EST 5950kHz
« on: November 27, 2021, 2354 UTC »

Greetings from The Vault
As part of the Texas Radio Shortwave series on European Pirate/Free (LP) AM stations. The Vault will be relayed on WRMI 5950kHz AM at 8pm EST Saturday 27th Nov (tonight) !
We would be very interested to receive reports on this transmission and hope you enjoy listening.
Kind regards
The Vault Keeper

Music Direct S6 tough copy but stable

1428 Hallelujah song
1431 ID confirm This is Radio Northern Star
1432 next music female vocal old time

1438 peaking S9 & ID
next music

1443 Canned Heat - up the country & ID with deep fades now
1448 S6 ID next music
1450 Deep fades .... ELO - All over the world (strange atmospheric ripple on audio)
1455 Neil Diamond - Song sung blue

1624 Paul McCartney & Wings - Let em in
1624 Co channel interference, hearing a second transmission (voice unreadable) on the same frequency

1539 6070kHz Direct
Archive material liners/jingles Caroline North Sea etc....

edit by Ray : Channel 292 relaying many stations, but at that time, no relay was scheduled.
Usually a US preacher when nothing is scheduled.
But not for that time, it sounds like Offshore History Radio

1656 Music and ID This is Mystery Radio 21
S9+ Direct

1702 Enya - Sail Away (remix)

3920 AM Direct 9+10 narrow
1816 Music non stop
Next music
1819 music

Strong still no ID
1824 Music next music

1945 OFF

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