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It's nice if the frequency is used as long as we're not back on the air yet.  :D

73... M21 team

As info for everyone to make public!

The jamming came again from the well-known location 53925 Kall, Auf der Heide 1  Responsible technician on site DF5XV Burghard Baumgartner.

Responsible is https://www.millingbroadcast.services/ and https://www.shortwaveservice.com/index.php/de/.

I don't think his customers know about the illegal activities of this station !

These include stations such as Radio Tirana, Radio Belarus, Radio Vatican, Radio Slovakia, and Swiss Radio SRF, Radio MiAmigo and others.

A friendly agreement cannot be reached with them. Several attempts have been made. ;)

M21 and all friends

edit by Ray : this was a reply to the current report about Mystery Radio 21 Jammed on 4860 AM on 04 Nov 2021, but is not strictly a standard report about one transmission. Same thing for the replies below it. As that can go on for a while, I split the debate from the reports, and modify the subject.

on 1622.5 + 4867.5 AM (harmonic frq.)
0050 UTC S9 on CZ SDR with Balkan or Greek music without ID. And strong 3rd harmonic on 4867.5 Khz AM!  ???

2310 S9 signal on NH SDR/USA  Good signal  8) 73 from M21

laste edit by Mystery 21 : 2320 UTC on 16 JUL 2021

so the UTC date was the 16th, not the 17th (Ray)

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