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1112  S9+10 SDR Sweden,  some music
1115  SSTV picture, station name and frequency. good quality  8)

0833  S9+5  clear signal near Kassel with little QSB, nice oldie music   ;)

2202  9+20 on Stone SDR (UK), loud+clear modulation.

Thanks for the "Vault -Show"  8)

That doesn't surprise us with this company.

They think the shortwave belongs to them alone in the world.

But that's not true  ;)

All information about the case in the summary here (NEW!!): https://members7.boardhost.com/PirateRadio/msg/1647777014.html

73, M21 team

For everyone who has not yet known this story. Here is a brief summary of the causers of the whole jamming by the company shortwaveservice.com in Germany:


Nice Weekend !  M21  :)

0049  6270  S5-7 music and ID on French Alps SDR.  very noisy.

Then the jamming from Kall should stop quickly, otherwise the "bad" Russians will be disturbed.   :D

That can end dangerously with such a narrow signal.  ;D

Mr. Milling and Burghard Baumgartner (DF5XV) from shortwaveservice.com in Kall-Krekel / Germany are active today with 2 jammers.

They're jamming illegally again in the 60m band and mocking the German authorities. (BNetzA)

Jamming was again from 16.15 UTC until just before 20.30 UTC from the well-known jamming station in Kall-Krekel (op.DF5XV).

Again illlegal jamming from the Kall-Krekel company of shortwaveservice.com.

Technically responsible Burghard Baumgartner, DF5XV.


Christian Milling
Kuchenheimer Straße 155
53881 Euskirchen

Thanks for your report!

We use SSTV Codec Martin 1


Very sad but understandable.

 It's probably jamming back because shortwaveservice.com from Kall-Krekel has been jamming M21 regularly in the last few days and CH292 for 12 years.


The jamming comes from Kall-Krekel again.

After 12 years of constant jamming, it's taking our friend DF5XV a little longer to stop doing that.

but he will learn it too.....

 ;) ;) ;) ;)

New information about jamming from shortwaveservice.com

For everyone who still thinks it's a rumor. ;) Now it is clearly and unequivocally proven!

👉 Current information about jamming from shortwaveservice.com / Kall in the channel292 newsletter:

"Finally in 2021 we could finish our lawsuit against the
transmitter site in Kall. Already some years ago Kall was
located as the source of jamming of our frequencies 3955
and 6070 kHz by the Bundesnetzagentur (BNA); even
during this lawsuit still in progress, we still were jammed
on 3955 kHz, and again the BNA located Kall as perpetrator.
Now the person in charge of the transmitters signed in
court a declaration to cease and desist enforced by penalty,
so we hope that this bollocks finally stopped.'

Due to the threat of punishment, they no longer dare to interfere with channel 292, but continue to jam at other stations.(still)  ;D

Here you can see the technical boss DF5XV, with a particularly serious demeanor and with a bottle of beer in hand, he introduces the transmitter systems to the unsuspecting RadioMiAmigo customers.


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