We seek to understand and document all radio transmissions, legal and otherwise, as part of the radio listening hobby. We do not encourage any radio operations contrary to regulations. Always consult with the appropriate authorities if you have questions concerning what is permissable in your locale.

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2228 Thanks to the Vault Keeper+ kris for the report.
2229 We are testing radio-text into the waterfall  8)
2230 Test transmission (music + special infos )

2136 S9+ on Litti SDR (Finland) nice show!  :D

2240 S9 peaks 9+10 db  signal on Bavaria SDR with some QRN 
2243 Live moderation from the Vault keeper. Loud and clear !  Thanks for the show  8)

1938 Strong on Bavaria SDR.
1940 Hello The Vault Keeper! Nice to hear you live on the microphone.  :D

2143 Thx for report chris
2144  Gothic/ Darkmusic in the Mix

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