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today on 1621.45 AM

1817 S7 on SDR CZ + SDR Romania. 3rd harmonic now on 4864.45 AM ! >:(

Very interesting to watch but shows a very dirty transmitter without any filters at the output.

on 1622.5 + 4867.5 AM (harmonic frq.)
0050 UTC S9 on CZ SDR with Balkan or Greek music without ID. And strong 3rd harmonic on 4867.5 Khz AM!  ???

1958 S9+40  Sunlight  DJ Summy
2036 ID @ A shoulder to the wheel  Bel Canto
 - yes, this channel is usually disturbed up side, but at this signal level I can't hear it SINPO 55555 12kc audio
2045 ID hello to all listeners    Downtown  Killer Barbies
2052 very interesting mystery autopromotion jingle "Headquarters" ID @ ,  Revive  Etherwood
2108 Długość dźwieku samotności  Tulia  ver. new Polish band  ;D ;D

Thanks very much from the M21 team.

Thanks for all reports!

The chirping UT on 4871.5 approx. Is a deliberate disorder out of envy. We always feel very honored and thank you for the further upgrading of our beautiful program.  ::) 8) :-*

73....from the M21 team

2210  S9 Signal on Bavaria SDR  Music  8)

2210   S9+10 on Weston SDR UK , Good sound from Baby Vault, hihi. Have hidden the carrier with the left sideband. 8)

right mail : vaultshortwave@mail.com  8)

2310 S9 signal on NH SDR/USA  Good signal  8) 73 from M21

laste edit by Mystery 21 : 2320 UTC on 16 JUL 2021

so the UTC date was the 16th, not the 17th (Ray)

2245  S7 on Litti SDR finland,  Good show!  8)

2328  S7 signal on W1NT SDR , clear and good optimod sound  8)

2141  S9-S9+10 on Bavaria SDR,  good signal .   :D 73 from M21

1755  S7 signal on Middelburg SDR (NL)  Good modulation , no static QRN  8)

1807  S9+5 signal on Groningen SDR,  some static noise and QSB

1822  S9+10 Groningen SDR,  Franky goes to......

2220  9+30dB on Buelzig SDR (Germany) :D

9+30 db on all kiwi SDRs in Europe

Does anyone know what kind of radio station it is, where it comes from and how much power it does?  ???


2004  S9-S9+15dB  signal  on KIWI SDR Bavaria. For 3 days a bright hum sound on the  CR freq. 5140 KHz which corresponds exactly to the signal from charleston radio. I suspect no foreign signal.
2008  same signal ....Does anyone know what happened to the radio station?  :-[

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