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HF Beacons / Beacon at 7.092mhz HK3QQ
« on: October 04, 2021, 0428 UTC »
At around 04:00Z I stumbled on a beacon I don't see referenced here.
It ID's as HK3QQ, in BogotÓ Colombia.  OM's a ham, his QRZ page lists the beacon at 7.070, but its  on 7.092.

The beacon sends a long string of apparently random letters with a lot of space, followed by "vvv de HK3QQ BogotÓ Colombia locator fj24xr 5W 73".

I have it at 339 here in upstate New York, but it takes some bad fades.
Rig here is an ic-7100 and a homebrew EFHW. 

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