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Equipment / Anybody getting a copy of WRTH 2012?
« on: December 19, 2011, 2248 UTC »
Anybody getting a copy of WRTH 2012 edition?  As a New Year's present for yourself? ;)

I haven't purchased in the past two years I've been an SWL, but took it out from the local library a few times.  The articles are really good.  I also picked up an older copy at a ham gear swap and it had really good articles.

This year I sent my order in to Universal Radio.

The only thing I know about the articles and reviews this year is that the WinRadio G33DDC "Excalibur Pro" won best SDR award and was given 5 stars on review.

The 'EXCALIBUR Pro' is the best SDR we have used - in some ways it is the best receiver we have used regardless of the underlying architecture - and undoubtedly represents a considerable advance in the state of the art."
John Nelson, WRTH 2012

Overall rating: 5 stars

If you hear what notable articles or reviews are in the 2012 edition let me know.

Equipment / Can a Sherwood SE-3 be used with an SDR?
« on: December 11, 2011, 1603 UTC »
I have a Palstar R-30A radio and enjoy listening to shortwave DX.  I'm thinking of spending the $695 to get the audio improvements the Sherwood SE-3 sync detector promises.  The SE-3 would fit well with my afterdark headphone monitoring and daytime speaker listening.

Of course I'm wondering if I should instead put the money toward an SDR like one of the RF Space units.  The SDRs offer a lot, I could view the waterfall window on my TV (pc connected), but it would be not as usable as the Palstar and phones for middle-of-the-night listening.

So I have two questions: is the Synchronous AM detector on the SDR radio software typically any good? and can you envision a way that a Sherwood SE-3 hardware sync detector could be used with any SDR's out there?

Opinions requested about these hardware choices...

Utility / Software for WEFAX/SSTV?
« on: October 16, 2011, 1455 UTC »
I want to try getting some WEFAX maps on my Windows XP computer.  Any recommended software for this task?  Hopefully something free or under $20 if shareware.  I have the cable ready to hook the Palstar to the laptop.

Shortwave Broadcast / Shortwave Stations with "Roosters"
« on: September 29, 2011, 2343 UTC »
Hi all:

The other morning I was tuning around the 9 Mhz band and heard a crowing rooster on I think they said Radio Marti, can't quite remember.  Anyway, it brought a smile to my face and got me moving for the morning.

This morning I tuned 5025 khz Radio Rebelde Cuba (~11:30 UTC) and again heard a crowing rooster, I turned it up for my 7 y.o. daughter and she really liked it.

Now I don't know if crowing roosters on the radio is a Cuban thing, a Spanish thing or a shortwave thing ;), but it sounds good to me first thing in the morning.

So, a fun thread, feel free to list any reports of crowing roosters on shortwave, including if anyone can confirm R. Marti's morning crowing rooster frequency.

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