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The RF Workbench / Specs on the venerable RS 270-030A?
« on: January 26, 2016, 1931 UTC »
Anyone have something close to reasonable specifications on this old part?  Yes, yes, doing a little experimenting, and something like this might come in handy!

I see Mouser has something that isn't too expensive at about $5 a crack:  553-CMT908-V2.

I could hand wind my own, too, but like to spend more time actually testing rather than winding, dontcha know.


General Radio Discussion / 03 November Undercover Radio Broadcast
« on: November 02, 2012, 2104 UTC »
If you missed it, it was *very* entertaining.  I think the good Dr. should do about every 5th show with this format!  Answer all of life's important questions, reminisce about the old days, talk about the differences in Pirate Radio then and now.

I enjoyed it immensely, after he switched to SSB.

Go the Undercover!

Equipment / Using two SDRs with two aerials for steerable array?
« on: November 02, 2012, 2058 UTC »
Anybody thought of doing this?  I see two methods that might be interesting:

A) two identical vertical aerials[1] spaced >0.1 wavelength apart, each connected to a separate SDR. 
Use software to continuously change the phase between the two SDRs, then mix it
Voila!  Electronically steerable array.  Essentially what you get here is a steerable null.

2) One vertical and one horizontal aerial, each connected to an SDR.
Do that phasing thing from above.
Voila!  Diversity reception.

Obviously, I haven't clearly thought this all out.  Once upon a time I thought it might be neat to try something like this with two softrocks (or other cheap SDR), with two sound cards (tied to the same xtal clock).  I'm still thinking about it.  This has got to be easier than running phasing lines, etc., out in the yard for the dogs to "comment" upon.

Was denkst du?

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