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Just now,
"low power test transmission" by
Focus International, he asked for RRs
to focus at live dot cu dot uk,
SINPO 44444 in Germany

73, Tom

still on (04:20z), their zero beat is a bit
lower on about 6967.9 kHz, maybe that helps
to ID the carrier? if...


just listen to an unid FR station on 6915 AM,
it's very weak here in Germany (0145 local)
anns after each song ("golden oldie"/rock greatest-style).
OM (robot voice) with "xxxx Radio International",
maybe "Premier Radio International" from Ireland?

Sorry too weak to get more


23:57z: Coldest Eyes (?)
00:10z: ... Owner of a lonely heard (and off the air)

Yes, it was Premier, I just got an eQSL from the Jimmy
via premierradio at yahoo dot ie - www.premierradio.ie
" I was only testing to see what conditions were like......not good.
Hopefully we will be on over the weekend if conditions improve."
But at least good enough for me, thanks for a new QSL ;-)

HF Beacons / 6550 kHz "Greek beacon PRV"
« on: February 12, 2014, 0601 UTC »
The Greek "free radio" CW beacon PRV from Preveza city
operated by the licensed HAM "SW6HMU" is now active on 6550 kHz
(just now: 12-Feb-2014 06:00 UTC with RST 519 in Germany) .

Before it was on 6851/6852 kHz (from time to time, no 24/7 operation).


73, Tom

HF Beacons / 8000 kHz CW "QRP"-morse beacon
« on: February 04, 2014, 0409 UTC »

there is a morse beacon just now on 8000 kHz
transmitting "QRP" in slower morse CW.
First spotted yesterday on [ndblist] yahoogroups.

Was very weak here in Germany around 22 UTC (3-Feb) with RST 219
only "visible" by ARGO screen shot.
just now (03:45 UTC) much stronger peaking RST 559
on my DX-88 vertical.

A new pirate beacon? Any QSL-info? Would be nice
to QSL such a beacon...hi

73, Tom

Just now BSR Baltic Sea Radio on 6925 kHz in LSB
with Japanese (!) and German anns,
strong signal in germany.

73, Tom

Note: Sadly he went s/off 21.03z after the German ID


just now (10-Sept-2013 / 0400z) the final ann from "Pirate Radio Boston"
on 6925 USB by "Charly xxxx" with good SINPO 3-4 here in Germany.
s/off 0406z

Any QSL available? ;-)

73, Tom - DL8AAM
Thomas M. Roesner, Woerthstr. 17, 37085 Goettingen (Germany)

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