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Say- just because conditions are said to be terrible next few days does not mean you shouldn't attempt DXing. Some of my most remarkable catches were during storms- odd things happen during aurora times - one b'cast station fades out and something from the other side of the planet fades in.

Keep dxing- I'm heading over to a "radio quiet" area in Cave Creek AZ this weekend to do some serious dxing! (actually, it's for "Pug-sitting" but I of course bring some receivers with me ha ha) It's about 35 mi. NE of Phoenix AZ in the middle of the desert- with practically zero RFI/EMI around me  :)

If you get a chance to go on your own "dxpedition" in a relatively isolated location, do so. It is well worth it.

My best location ever was in the mountains of Morocco - as far as the eye could see not a radio tower nor electric pole as far as you could see! It was like traveling back in time a few hundred years - in a village with no roads nor electric power grid. Can you imagine??? Talk about reception!! I also got to visit the fam in the actual "Quiet Zone" in W VA years ago- but that was pre-listening days for me :( wish I had known about HF radio hobby back then... sighs..


I'll post any items of interest later this evening God willing- can't wait for my mini-dxpedition tonight. Love those "quiet" areas. The only interruptions I will be hearing late tonight will be coyotes....

Shortwave Broadcast / RFE/R Liberty 9360 khz 08:50 UTC Jan 30
« on: January 30, 2013, 0856 UTC »
Whoa a first for me here in Arizona

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 9360 khz fair, too bad in Russian as I'd like to hear what our stations are telling our Eastern European "neighbors". Probably the same type content on Radio Liberty USA available on satellite and podcasts? YL and heard news clip of our US president speaking. Starting to fade out a little now.

Auroral conditions past few days brought interesting dxing as north/south stations were brought in by the twisting of the radio waves instead of east/westerly stations.

Utility / skyking skyking do not answer 11:25UT on 4724u just now
« on: December 29, 2012, 1126 UTC »
Great conditions this early AM-and surprise surprise heard a "SKYKING, SKYKING Do Not Answer"- a few short codes, then "End of Broadcast" young male voice. At or around 1020UT I was hearing some sort of data transmissions on this same 4724 frequency, in a form I've never heard before. I recorded it on my mobile for future reference.

Shortwave Broadcast / 5765 AFN 10:39USB
« on: December 29, 2012, 1039 UTC »
catching AFN Los Angeles on 5765u this morning- interesting conditions today.

My qth is Arizona but AFN is a no-no for me. In 5 years of dxing first time I've heard it myself on this frequency. Asia is coming in strong, anything from the East, and 4840 WWCR seems to be taking long path according to my ears.

Utility / 4885 khz USB bizarre Spanish voice scramble
« on: December 07, 2012, 0057 UTC »
Spanish voice 12:44UTC YL now OM: "romero, romero (unintelligible) primero" again and again- preceded by some odd voice scrambler sounded like a speeded up record. OM again calling "romero, romero (something something) primero"

pardon me if I am posting in wrong forum area- I'm not that familiar with the band plans I had to google it and still not so sure about them. Seems odd to hear what sounded like amateur on this frequency. Can someone clarify- or at least point to a site where I can find exact allocations for certain frequencies? I have the ARRL color band plan, seems like this frequency is not a "ham" one. If I am mistaken please reply or mod relocate this into the right forum. Thanks.

Shortwave Broadcast / 11580 khz
« on: March 12, 2010, 2321 UTC »
Mar. 10th '10

11580 khz 3:18 UTC

Norwegian/Swedish type language, fair reception on indoor portable Sangean ATS 505.

Could not make out station ID.

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