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General Radio Discussion / Voice of Next Thursday (VoNT) Emission
« on: October 24, 2021, 0105 UTC »
Hell-o, Katz and Kittnz. This is Gabriel Syme, your old acquaintance from Next Thursday's future world.

To commemorate 12 (twelve) years since our first emission and ten (10) years since our last broadcast, we have cobbled together yet more future events spanning 5 days into what you perceive as “the future” - all finely tuned to amuse, shock and thrill you into a state of mild rapture, bordering on intense apathy!

That's correct! The Voice of Next Thursday (VoNT) is returning... for at least one (1) more pointless appearance (pending future "one last appearances.")

The terrifying future world of Next Thursday (tm) awaits you beyond the next hyperlink. BE WARNED! By clicking on the link you agree to use the conferred knowledge judiciously and NOT TO dismiss it as mere folly <serious emoji face here>.


You (yes! YOU) have permission to disseminate these future enlightenments as you see fit across the world’s shortwave radio spectrum, for we are all on the spectrum. The future should not be owned or coveted by any one individual. The “future” wants to be FREE - as in beer! And we can all drink to that!

C U Next Thursday,
Love G. Syme (VoNT)



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