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General Radio Discussion / Voice of Next Thursday (VoNT) Emission
« on: October 24, 2021, 0105 UTC »
Hell-o, Katz and Kittnz. This is Gabriel Syme, your old acquaintance from Next Thursday's future world.

To commemorate 12 (twelve) years since our first emission and ten (10) years since our last broadcast, we have cobbled together yet more future events spanning 5 days into what you perceive as “the future” - all finely tuned to amuse, shock and thrill you into a state of mild rapture, bordering on intense apathy!

That's correct! The Voice of Next Thursday (VoNT) is returning... for at least one (1) more pointless appearance (pending future "one last appearances.")

The terrifying future world of Next Thursday (tm) awaits you beyond the next hyperlink. BE WARNED! By clicking on the link you agree to use the conferred knowledge judiciously and NOT TO dismiss it as mere folly <serious emoji face here>.


You (yes! YOU) have permission to disseminate these future enlightenments as you see fit across the world’s shortwave radio spectrum, for we are all on the spectrum. The future should not be owned or coveted by any one individual. The “future” wants to be FREE - as in beer! And we can all drink to that!

C U Next Thursday,
Love G. Syme (VoNT)



I can confirm this to be Radio Totse. Has been on since 0800, and still going as of this post 1120.


I have it as Radio Totse here in Australia, ~20db above the floor.

1000 - ID, Primus - Over The Electric Grapevine
1007 - ID, SSTV
1012 - ID, Saosin - Come Close
1015 - ID: From the ionosphere to your living room, Radio Totse
1015 - Sabaton - Ghost Division (peaking up to 30db above floor)
1019 - ID: Coming to you live from down under,  Radio Totse.
1019 - A Thousand Shades of Cold - Sacrament of the Sick
1022 - ID, unknown song, signal down to 10db above floor. QRM starts from wide band noise (China?) that destroys the top end of 6MHz here in Australia.
1030 - Can't hear above the QRM

1102 - fade in above the noise w/ ID
1102 - Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary
1106 - Johnny Cash -  I Hung My Head

1118 ID, unknown song

Gabriel Syme, does the Voice of Next Thursday transmit on any frequencies/times favorable for reception here in North America?

My QRP power levels aren't favorable to being heard in North America. I use a 10W Corsair on 6925 and have usually transmitted anywhere from an hour before local sunset (currently 0930z) up to an hour after that. I broadcast when the opportunity arose, it was very sporadic. The last time I broadcast was around the new year.

Dak says he'll be back "on air this weekend. Probably around 10:00 utc on Saturday and Sunday."


Radio Totse on tonight (UTC morning  - August 6) 0900-1040z 6925kHz USB w/ hard rock.

Good signal into East coast of Australia.

New and improved SSTV image:

G. Syme

Thanks to Radio Totse for my eQSL ;)

and this be my first post on HF Underground.

C U Next Thursday,

G. Syme (VONT)

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