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Our increasingly connected world needs better protection against RF noise pollution:


I thought it was just my receiver!   ;)


Always interesting to see others who stumble upon "those strange broadcasts"…..

Cool to see that others are interested - enjoy.  Decent history lesson.

Link Here


General Radio Discussion / Pirate Radio Superlatives
« on: September 30, 2014, 1734 UTC »
Well done article by Andrew Yoder in The Spectrum Monitor October 2014 issue.

Here's the lead-in:

Pirate Radio Superlatives
By Andrew Yoder

Over the years, radio listeners have asked Andrew, “Who was the first pirate?” or, “Who was the first pirate to broadcast
from a ship?” Unlike Major League Baseball, which has kept meticulous records for more than a century, pirate radio is a
largely empty record book, with few dots to connect. But this article isn’t cast in bronze, like the plaques at the Baseball Hall
of Fame. It’s more like the senior superlatives from your old high school yearbook. Andrew has been researching old loggings,
newsletters, magazines, and books for information and here are a few of the things he’s found.............  

I'm not connected to The Spectrum Monitor other than being a subscriber.

Thanks, Andrew!  Good information and look forward to the next one.

OM S-7 in Tejas with a S-7 noise level.  In other words, noisy.

0043 OM is gone.  There is QRM/other broadcasting going on around this.  Odd.
0048 OM heard again, tough copy.  SDR shows something is still there.

Short article.  http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2014/may/new_pirate_stations_in_ukraine_conflict.htm

New pirate stations in Ukraine conflict

Two CW stations have appeared on the higher HF bands, claiming to operate from Donetsk, as promoting a separatist 'Peoples' Republic of Donetsk', or 'NovoRossiya New Russia'.

The callsigns, D0A and 1C4M are believed to be two operators on the same transmitter. The callsigns are invalid and do not count for anything in ham radio terms.

While a QSL manager may be appointed shortly in Donetsk, communications are poor, and direct QSL is unlikely to succeed.

There is some doubt that the stations are really in Donetsk. There is evidence that they may be operating from Kazakhstan.


Metal 5-3/5-9 with qsb into Tejas

02:29 UTC  OP OM ID - qsb into noise, didn't catch ID
02:33 UTC  5-3, fading but still broadcasting

Other / UNID 6925.55 LSB 02:21 UTC 12 Dec13
« on: December 12, 2013, 0225 UTC »
OM - Hola, hola zapatos  ???  S-9 in Tejas.
02:28 UTC - Gone
02:30 UTC - He's back - "Hello - Hola"...
02:33 UTC - He's gone & I'm gone.   :P

Other / UNID 6942.6 USB 0041 UTC 11 Dec 2013
« on: December 11, 2013, 0041 UTC »
Hell of a noise - don't know what it is.   S-9 at peaks in Tejas.

dit-dit-dit-dit-dit-dit (NOISE after 6 dits)

00:44 UTC  and now it sounds like there are two of them.

00:48 - now it's eight dits before a noise.

02:49 UTC  I am hearing music way down in the noise.  S-5 noise in Tejas.
03:11 UTC  Still hearing music, propagation has been rough the past several days.

02:07 UTC  Tune Up - then music though it sounds messed up, I can't tune it in on LSB/AM/USB?
                  S-8 in Tejas.  Can't find an intelligible spot.

02:15 UTC  OP ID  ?
02:20 UTC  Radio Totse ID
02.22 UTC  OP asks for audio reports; not bad at all once I got you dialed in, qsb but S-7 into Tejas
02:24 UTC  Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden
02:30 UTC  Another song - qsb from S2-S9
02:35 UTC  OP says only 400 watts available - into another song

Thanks for the show, Totse!

02:19 UTC - Classical Music UNID  3-9 Into Tejas
02:21 UTC - OP OM ID - can't make out ID - "self-absorbed, useless assholes"... two fellows talking

Funky great AM signal into Tejas - 5/9+

0505 UTC - went to USB from AM, still 5/9
0509 UTC - OM ID Undercover Radio
0510 UTC - unid music
0513 UTC - OM ID Undercover Radio
0514 UTC - "Pirate Story" - story along with music, driving through the woods looking for a transmitter site, comes upon robots.....  QSB
0517 UTC - OP shout out to HF Underground, "Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the short show" ~ Dr. Benway
0518 UTC - Another story, QSB from 5/7 to noise floor
0523 UTC - OP ID Undercover Radio - "undercoverradio@gmail.com" for contact
0524 UTC - "Nightvision Scope" Story
0528 UTC - OP ID, Dr. Benway says,  "this is a short-show to fire up the airwaves for the holiday weekend - HAPPY THANKSGIVING"  And, "one too many to drink tonight".

Thanks, Doc!  Happy Thanksgiving.  First timer here, enjoyed the production.

00:46  Jefferson's Theme Song?  S-5 in Tejas
00:51  Op ID - couldn't catch it but signal coming up
00:52  Irresistible - Robert Palmer  3-6 signal
01:00  WTF was that noise - looked cool on the panafall.

Thanks for the show!

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