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Some kind of Interval Signal repeated 1859 til 1902 UTC.
Male spoke @ 1902 UTC then back to Interval Signal.
Music @ 1904 UTC .
Weak S4 Signal and QSB….
Appears to be on 6925.5 Now……
Music til 1911 UTC then a male DJ spoke and some kind of Skit Possibly??? Audio not good and lots QSB.
Back to Music @ 1913-15 UTC.
Male DJ spoke again @ 1915 UTC. Can't seem to Zero in on the Frequency though!!
6925.48 appears best now….with Funny Laugh Track Skit or Comedian???
Female Spoke @ 1926 UTC.
Into Interval Signal again @ 1927-28 UTC.
Male DJ gave ID as "HAPPY HANUKKAH RADIO" @ 1928 UTC and back to Interval Signal!
Off Air @ 1929 UTC.
Thanks four the Broadcast HH Radio!!!

Just received an Email message from Blue Dragon Radio advising they were currently Testing on 9315 Khz. I can see a Carrier on the Waterfall of the ELAD, but so far haven't pulled out any Audio.

Tone and Carrier @ 2306 UTC.
Sign On @ 2307
Into GOGOS we got the beat @ 2307-2309 .
Into more Music 2309-2314 Touch and Go by The Cars??
Decent Signal but heavy QSB.
More Rock Music 2314 -
Signal 20 Over S9 @ 2318 UTC.
ID @ 2320 as "You're listening to the 80's Sounds of the Crystal Ship on the TCS Radio Relay Network".
Into More 80's Music 2320 UTC.
Thanks for the Great show from the 80's John Poet!! I got married in the early 80's!!! HAHAHHAA…..
Another ID @ 2332 UTC.

QSLs Received / eQSL received from TCS The Crystal Ship
« on: January 02, 2015, 0539 UTC »
eQSL just received in my Mailbox!!!

Full Data eQSL Sheet received in 6 Days for an email report sent to the station. Received from the station Operator John Poet for their Halloween Christmas Show!!

Thanks for the great show and the QSL TCS!!

73….Rocky Rhino

Hi Guys: 

I am currently on a mission to find some DXers out there who would have received QSL's from the following 2 Pirate Stations from the 1990-1991 era……

ROCKABILLY RADIO - with DJ Rocky Rhino (less than 10 QSL's Issued). George Zeller says in his Books that Rockabilly Radio may have been one of the First Pirates to extensively use SSB for their Transmissions???

BWR - BIG WEENIE RADIO (Only 2-3 QSLs Issued)

If you are one of the lucky few to have received QSLs from these Stations…..I would be most interested in receiving a Copy of that QSL for my Archives!!! Please contact me at …..


If you can send along a Scan of the QSL's…that would be most appreciated!!


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