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Spy Numbers / HM01 on 11462khz 0500UTC 26NOV
« on: November 26, 2016, 0514 UTC »
I'm not sure if Pedro got a switch messed up or something.
At 0457Z I heard a short portion of the Cuban National Anthem...then another ..
Then an ENGLISH ID of Radio Havana Cuba for their evening broadcast...
Then dead air till 0500
Then into YL SS into 5 number groups
data packets joined in later.

It's hard to be a spy station if you ID....In ENGLISH!!

Shortwave Broadcast / 6677kHz AM Christian music
« on: November 03, 2015, 0052 UTC »
I'm hearing christian pop music on 6677kHz AM. S-6/7
No ID or QSL address.
This seems like a pirate, but I may be hearing a mixing product, not sure.
Any ideas?

EDIT: It's WHRI...somehow...Big signal for a spur.

On at 0310 with Touch Me, the Doors
0310- Glory Days, Bruce Springstein
0314- Radioactive
0316- Evil Woman, ELO
0321- Tied to the whipping post, Allman Brothers
0326- Breakdown, Tom Petty
0329- Can't get enough of your love, Bad Co.
SIO-444 with some fading S-5/7
0333- Fool in the rain, Led Zeppelin
0339- Dance the night away, Van Halen
0342- So far away from me,  Dire Straits
0346- Slow ride, Foghat
0350- I'm burning for you, Blue Oyster Cult
0355- The old man's down the road, CCR
0358- Main Street, Bob Seger (Kinda stuck..looping.)
0401- Main street, Bob Seger (live version)
Signal greatly improved with slight fading SIO-444 (Still no ID?)
0405-OP on and admitted to being the one playing music Wanted to hear some Classic Rock
and being too drunk...(DJ Dickweed?)
Off at 0407

My First Catch of DJ Dickweed and Radio Free Whatever
Thanks for the show!

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