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Utility / HFGCS General Log
« on: January 24, 2023, 1822 UTC »
Thought it might be useful to have a HFGCS log thread similar to the EAM/FDM one, but for generic traffic on the net. 

At some point during the day on 11175,
AFKAI01 calling for radio check
SLEDGE61 calling for radio check
SLEDGE63 calling for radio check

1815z 11175 kHz  MAINSAIL and RAYMOND21 conducting a radio check.  RAYMOND21 is the Offutt command post.  Interesting if they have HF capability now or are going through the global system.  They have stated in the past that they had no HF capability.

Shortwave Broadcast / KNLS 9570 AM 1157 UTC 12 JAN 2023
« on: January 12, 2023, 1159 UTC »
KNLS in Russian.  S9+20.  Skywave schedules app says 300kW out of Anchor Point, AK.

Software / JSquelch
« on: January 11, 2023, 1446 UTC »
Saw a post on another forum about this software.  I have been messing around with it for a few days with good results.

From the site
"This application detects voice and other non-continuous audio signals and records them to disk.
The idea was to be able to record HF SSB voice signals only when the voice was present."


2107z UNID with classic rock music.  S9+10
2111z Judas Priest - Deceiver S9+10
2114z Judas Priest - Tyrant
2119z JP - Victim of Changes S9+10
gotta step away from the radio, if someone gets an ID, post in the thread and I'll update the title
2158z still there, S9+10
2209z SSTV
2231z TCR ID and off

UNID station with rock music. 
2223z Robin Trower S9+10
2250z still there peaking S9+10
2255z S9+10 Pelosi voicemail recording, uncle Bob calling
2257z SSTV
2300z skull image on waterfall
2314z Pretty sure that was Thunder Chicken Radio ID.  I'll go with that unless someone has a correction
2329z still blasting in at +10
2337z waterfall image and Thunder Chicken Radio ID, then off the air.
Thanks for the show.

Shortwave Broadcast / RRI 9550 AM 0001 UTC 14 SEP 2022
« on: September 14, 2022, 0020 UTC »
RRI with their 0001-0100z North America BC.  9550 coming in nicely at S9+20.  I'm glad that this TX is back on the air, the audio seems better than the 7375 TX.  7375 S9+10
9555 pretty solid the whole BC, minor fading
7375 was ok, more fading and about 10 db less signal.

Shortwave Broadcast / BBC 11810 AM 2104 UTC 7 SEP 2022
« on: September 07, 2022, 2106 UTC »
Tuning around 11 MHz after the RRI broadcast the previous hour, stumbled upon BBC on 11810.  Good signal for the marginal band conditions today.  S8 with fading.

VoT with their usual programming in English.  S8 signal with some light fading.
1256z  Music.  Good signal at S9

2021 Unid with music at S8
Some good 80s tunes. 
2216 off?

2120z Unid playing Depeche Mode.  S6
2135z Depeche Mode - New Dress S5
2143z DM - Strangelove S5
2148z Off?

UNID station playing electronic type music on 6925. 
2242z S6 signal with a lot of storm related static crashes.
2252z still there, band is very up and down
2308z Off?
2320z same station?  rock type music S6

The Gong station chiming away on 6935.  S6 signal.
Seems to be off at 2318.

Shortwave Broadcast / WBCQ 4790 kHz 0158z 17 MAR 22
« on: March 17, 2022, 0201 UTC »
Interval signal (WBCQ) until 0200z.  S9, but have noise, might be local.
Scorched Earth Music Show
0225z tuned back in.  Noise gone, signal S9+10 with music.

Figured I'd start a new thread for the new time/frequency.
Band conditions not good today so far.  At 1449z, S7 signal with significant fading.
1459z off

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