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2354z signal is good, probably S8, but T-Storm QRN is wiping out the tunes.
0010z signal has dropped considerably

Utility / Re: HFGCS General Log
« on: July 12, 2024, 1536 UTC »
1536z AIRCRAFT54 calling MUDBUG
1541z AIRCRAFT24 r/c.  CIGARBOX answers l/c.
1549z MAINSAIL with a test count

0126z Blues Rock tune at S9
0128z Station ID and "goodnight y'all". Off the air.

VoT IS started at 1225z.  S9 with QSB.  We'll see how the rest of the broadcast goes. Switched to local SDR; too much local noise at home.  Off at 1325z.

Radio Romania with a great signal this morning 1105z.  S9+15.  Usual programming in English.

0002z just tuned in.  S9+10 with rock tunes.
0036z good tunes. S9+15
0040z SSTV

0206z S9+ with blues/rock song
0210z off?

0134z Blues music.  RX on MI SDR.  A lot of QRN but signal S9.
0145z Hey Let's Party.  Switch to direct RX.  S9 with QRN also, signal good enough to listen to the tunes.
0154z Dollar In Your Pocket.
0202z Off?

Just tuned in again at 1227z on 17 JUN.  Hearing the IS mixed with some other station on frequency.
1255z outside using the DE1103 with 2.5’ whip antenna.   Some fading but generally copyable.

Listening to Radio Romania this morning (17 JUN 1120z) outside the shack using the Degen 1103.  17630 AM, SINPO 35544, but signal is getting better. 
1151z. Signal didn’t end up improving much for the end of broadcast.

Shortwave Broadcast / Voice of Turkey 17620AM 1229z 14 JUN 24
« on: June 14, 2024, 1230 UTC »
VoT coming in S9+15 with the IS and sign on right at 1230.  It's been a while since I have tuned in to this station.  Great to hear them with a fantastic signal.
1245z now peaking S9+20
1318z S9+10
1324z IS at S9+15
1328z off

2210z RRI with the broadcast to wEu in English on 11800.  Started out at about S7 with some fading.  Signal seems to be getting a little better as the broadcast continues.
2251z S9+
2256z IS and off

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: VOA 17530 AM 1750 UTC 10 June 2024
« on: June 10, 2024, 1811 UTC »
Thanks for the post, just tuned in. 
1810z 17530 khz, very strong S9+20.  Talking about a missing AF politician.
1827z some deep fading now, talking about sports, and the EURO football starting soon.
1830z Interval Signal at S9

Utility / Re: HFGCS General Log
« on: June 10, 2024, 1609 UTC »
1606z DOOM02 with r/c.  No answer
1608z MAINSAIL does a test count

Amateur Radio / Re: Dumb question RE FT8
« on: June 10, 2024, 1204 UTC »
Q:But what am I hearing? 4-5 stations transmitting simultaneously? Or 10 stations transmitting simultaneously?
A: Depending on the band, you might be hearing 5, 10, 20, 30 signals or more at the same time. 

Q:Also, if there are so many transmitting at the same time, how does the receive software determine what it's decoding?
A: The mode/software is pretty amazing.  There is some very detailed reading as to how it goes about doing what it does on the WSJTX page.   Timing is very important with the software and having the computer clock synced within about 1 second is needed.

Q:Does it decode all 5 or 6 signals simultaneously, all being decoded at the same time?
A:  Yes, decodes all of them at the same time.  The user sees this decode right at the end of the 15 second cycle. It's not exactly 15 seconds, but for the purpose of basic understanding, it's 15 sec TX and 15 sec RX.

Q:Do some FT8 signals get flooded out by the stronger signals?
A: Yes, but also again the mode/software is pretty resilient.  It can decode signals that are right on top of each other often times.

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