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Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Romania Int'l 7325 AM 0126z 8 FEB 24
« on: February 08, 2024, 0127 UTC »
RRI blasting in this evening on 7325.  S9+30!!  Usual English programing to North America.  Saw the meter hit +40 a few times.  Amazing band conditions.
Off at 0156z. 

Utility / Re: HFGCS General Log
« on: February 07, 2024, 1158 UTC »
7 Feb 24
1156z LAJES working unid station.

1939z VENUS13 and ANDREWS with r/c
2057z Aircraft 1452 with r/c.  BEATRICE answers
2132z SKULL31 r/c.  SKULL32 answered.  Probable B-52

Utility / Re: HFGCS General Log
« on: February 06, 2024, 2218 UTC »
6 Feb 24
2216z CHAOS43 with r/c.  MAINSAIL answers.
2307z SKULL01 calling MUDBUG.  MAINSAIL answers. 

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Romania Int'l 15460 AM 1248z 6 FEB 24
« on: February 06, 2024, 1250 UTC »
Radio Romania with their 1200-1300z English broadcast to Europe.  Coming in nicely to the US this morning at S9+
1256 off.  Didn't even make it to the IS.

7 Feb 24
Here again at S9+ 1244z

Listening on the livestream.  Thanks for the show.   
Ha!  I must have tuned in after you played NewDad.  Nice!  Will give a listen to the beginning of yesterday’s show in the archives.
Just tried RX on the radio, S9 signal this evening.    Got a little spoiled listening to the audio quality on the livestream.

0012z Clash and into Van Halen S9 signal
0015z DJ and into next song
0028z nice tunes, S9+

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6882 USB 2257 UTC
« on: January 27, 2024, 2308 UTC »
2308z Loud, S9
Radio 48 on MRI
2312z  another ID
2316z ID and into a remix S9
2318z ID.  Listening on the aux receiver and I can't get the filters any wider :)

2233 have been listening the last 15 minutes or so.  Electronic beats.  S5 to S7 signal.
2243.  S5 signal, some blues sounding song now
2255z  back into the electronic music I think.  S5 signal

oops, i was logging the wrong station!
2233z DJDW talking about the streaming site.  S8 signal.
2242z ID and into more music.  S6
2247z  DJDW going over the previous songs.  S9 signal.

Band called NewDad out of Ireland has a new album out this week.  They have some good sounding tunes if you're looking for something to play.

2302z DJDW with commentary.  Bringing the new tunes.  S9 sig
2314z S9+10 now
2321z Alice Cooper tune.  S9+
2324z Alice Cooper 2024! 
2327z  signing off. Thanks for the show.

2059z S4 signal with music
2128z DJ with HFU shoutouts

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: BBC 25900 AM 1717 UTC 20 JAN 2024
« on: January 27, 2024, 1705 UTC »
1705z Great signal, S9+10 with FA cup commentary

1532z very weak here, but can hear electronic music.  S1 signal
1621z  still here, at the noise floor
1631z  sounds like commentary, can't pick anything out

Utility / Re: HFGCS General Log
« on: January 26, 2024, 1530 UTC »
26 Jan 24
1528z REACH 5E1 with r/c x2
1703z long DTMF tone, strong signal so guessing it's from the HFGCS system
1932z Aircraft 14832 r/c.  Requesting multiple checks.

Utility / Re: HFGCS General Log
« on: January 25, 2024, 0512 UTC »
Only tuned into the #10 test count, but I did hear on it simulcast on all 4 HFGCS frequencies.  A listener on another list heard these at 15 minute intervals.   

2028z S7 signal with some fading
2054z S8 signal, Sternradio signoff message with outlook.com QSL address
2055z signoff song
2058z carrier off

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