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22 Meter Band HiFER Beacons / Re: RF
« on: October 19, 2022, 1304 UTC »
1302z Hearing RF at S7 using Missouri SDR

2252z S9 signal

This may have been posted already, but someone has made a website of EAM traffic.

0023z another IS.  Love it!  Keep them coming.
0032z IS
0046z IS at S4
0052z  Radio Moscow IS, I think.  Otherwise some other USSR station.  It's the Moscow Nights opener.
Radio Majak
0059z IS
0102z Radio Canada Int'l
0111z IS
0117z Radio Australia?
0128z IS coming in strong now.   I think this is an Eastern Europe one.
0132z some type of ID.  Static crashes covered it.
0136z IS
0143z Radio Moscow
0149z CW.  Guessing this was an ID.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: RRI 9550 AM 0001 UTC 14 SEP 2022
« on: October 18, 2022, 0007 UTC »
18 OCT 2022
0006z 9550 kHz S9+20.  Still my favorite RRI transmitter.
          7375 kHz S9+10

2233z S8 signal.  Band is good today, very little fading and solid signals
2247z DJDW on the air
2309z S9 sig
2328z S9 sig. 
2354z S9+10 now

Always enjoy the RFW programming DW!

2107z UNID with classic rock music.  S9+10
2111z Judas Priest - Deceiver S9+10
2114z Judas Priest - Tyrant
2119z JP - Victim of Changes S9+10
gotta step away from the radio, if someone gets an ID, post in the thread and I'll update the title
2158z still there, S9+10
2209z SSTV
2231z TCR ID and off

2158z S9 signal.  Live performance
2209z S9+10
2303z DJ with some clarification and off the air

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: RRI 9550 AM 0001 UTC 14 SEP 2022
« on: October 07, 2022, 0058 UTC »
Similar report today.  9550 better audio than 7 mhz even with similar signal strengths.

0057z S9 signal.  nice

0127z abruptly off?

2229z S6 signal
2233z S7 SSTV and into a blues song.

UNID station with rock music. 
2223z Robin Trower S9+10
2250z still there peaking S9+10
2255z S9+10 Pelosi voicemail recording, uncle Bob calling
2257z SSTV
2300z skull image on waterfall
2314z Pretty sure that was Thunder Chicken Radio ID.  I'll go with that unless someone has a correction
2329z still blasting in at +10
2337z waterfall image and Thunder Chicken Radio ID, then off the air.
Thanks for the show.

0144z S8 signal

0144z S8 signal
neat selection of songs.
0202z S8 signal still, solid.

S7 right now

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