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2158z hearing the same at S6 signal
2236z solid S9 signal now

0123z Wow!  S9+20, great signal and audio

0122z S9+  ID Sycko Radio

0057z witch doctor S8

0051z DJ RH S9+10 AM mode sounding good 4185

0012z Ghostbusters at S9+10, sounding good.
0014z WJAN ID and Munsters theme

1243z  signal back on frequency, unsure if the same station.  S9+10

Thanks for posting, time to change the memories in the radio to the new schedule.  S9+10 at 1229z

1226z S9 signal.  Very halloweeny
getting blasted by digital signal

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: RNZ 15720 AM 2105 utc 28 Oct 2022
« on: October 28, 2022, 2108 UTC »
2107z S6 signal, but rapid fading.  Some OTHR in the background.

2324z S9 signal.  Cool tunes for AM mode!
2330z Sega commercial
2336z off?

2237z S8 signal
2326z was up to S9 at some point in the bc, band fading slowly at S6.

DJDW going to 4185 kHz

2332z  Oh yeah, S9 now solid on 4185

Utility / Re: U.S. mil network? 6986.5 USB 0120z 1 May 2021
« on: October 22, 2022, 0102 UTC »
On again tonight 0102z.  Hearing standard MARS callsigns

0001z S6 signal with IS (voice of Turkey?)
0012z S6, on again
0017z off
0022z S7, radio Denmark
0027z off
0031z on, UNID
0033z off
0037z Radio Moscow IS.  Na Am service of RM.  Audio a little overdriven
0042z off
0045z on, very briefly and UNID
0049z on, with voice of peace and progress, I think
0053z off
0058z on DX program
0107z something about interval signals and then an IS
0117z IS on (Austria international), S7 signal
0122z off
0127z on

leaving the shack for the evening.  thanks for another broadcast

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