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HF Mystery Signals / Odd carrier on 1838khz
« on: December 15, 2016, 0059 UTC »
Hopefull below is a link to my waterfall image.
I run a wspr receiver station and I noticed a carrier above the wspr frequencies. I slowed my waterfall down and the carrier, unmodulated as far as I can tell, is varying in frequency very slowly in a sine wave pattern. Anyone ever see anything like this?
Initially I had the software thinking it was on 630 meters. I changed it to 160 meters. That has nothing to do with the signal, just the data reporting for wspr stations.
The rx is tuned to 1836.6khz and the odd signal is about 1690 on the waterfall.
2016 Dec 15, 00:45 utc.

Thanks BacardE

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