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2155 UTC - Hearing R. Havana Cuba harmonic on 29130 kHz while transmitting on 9710 kHz. I noticed the signal of S5 on my panadapter and checked back to 9710 to verify the transmission.
Must be the 10 meter propagation ?

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6935 AM 0335 UTC 21 Feb 2023
« on: February 21, 2023, 0337 UTC »
0335 UTC - Signal is S5 in WNY, audio making it above the noise, hearing organ music.

Amateur Radio / 10 Meter AM Activity 15 Jan 2023
« on: January 15, 2023, 1729 UTC »
1715 UTC - Band is up and down but hearing U.S. and European  AM stations on 29000 kHz to 29019 kHz.

Amateur Radio / 15 Meter AM
« on: December 29, 2022, 1602 UTC »
1600 UTC - Hearing CT1EHI (Portugal) working W0RPR (Minnesota) on 21.452 Mhz.  The Portugal station was S9 in WNY but conditions changed and both stations are in the noise.
1607 UTC - CT1EHI is still on frequency but in and out of the noise.
1608 UTC - KN9K (Arizona) now working CT1EHI.
1624 UTC - CT1EHI signal came back up now S7-S9 in WNY.
1631 UTC - Signal is gone.

HF Mystery Signals / UNID 18165 to 18185 kHz USB 1604 UTC 2 Nov 2022
« on: November 02, 2022, 1607 UTC »
1604 UTC - S7 signal into WNY, some type of OTHR at the tail end of the 17 meter amateur band. Can anyone ID this thing ?
 Sounds like the Russian 29B6 Container Radar reported before ...https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,98675.0.html
1638 UTC - Signal was S7 then off at 1640 UTC.

0200 UTC - Signal is S9+ in WNY, audio is excellent, Neil Young - Sugar Mountain
0206 UTC - Jimmy Glimer and The Fireballs - Sugar Shack
0209 UTC - The McGuire Sisters - Sugartime
0210 UTC - Sugar Ray - Fly
0300 UTC - Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and Peppermints, signal now S7.
0303 UTC - Sugarloaf - Green-Eyed Lady

0433 UTC - Signal is S7 in WNY with decent audio, sounds like a rebroadcast of a past radio program.

Other / UNID Chanting 7000 LSB 1025 UTC 11 April 2022
« on: June 11, 2022, 1027 UTC »
1025 UTC - Signal is S5 in WNY, on going chanting, hearing  lima, lima, lima and other sounds repeated over and over. Can't ID the language.

 The Department of Defense will host this year’s Armed Forces Day (AFD) Crossband Test, scheduled for May 14, 2022. This annual event is open to all licensed amateur radio operators and will not impact any public or private communications. For more than 50 years, military and amateur stations have taken part in this event,which is an interoperability exercise between hobbyist and government radio stations. Military stations will transmit on selected military frequencies and will announce the specific ARS frequencies monitored. All times are ZULU (Z), and all frequencies are Upper Side Band (USB) unless otherwise noted. The frequencies used for the test will not impact any public or private communications and will not stray outside the confines of the exercise.
The following stations will be making two-way radiotelephone contacts with stations in the ARS between the time periods listed on the frequencies listed in Kilohertz .... https://www.dodmars.org/mars-comex-information-website/armed-forces-day

For those who wish to document their contacts with a QSL card, go to https://www.usarmymars.org/events and view the left hand side bar, then scroll down to the Armed Forces Day QSL Card Request and click the title to complete the request form.

 Financial Times video story on how hobbyist WebSDR setups are being use to record Russian radio communications during the war on Ukraine. The FT story focuses on how open source contributors from all over the world are helping to monitor internet connected WebSDRs that are close enough to receive Russian radio communications and how volunteers are helping translate, confirm authenticity, and collect information about possible war crimes.

Utility / HAARP On The Air
« on: March 25, 2022, 2122 UTC »
The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) will be supporting the NASA Sounding Rockets Program Office (SRPO) Ion-Neutral during Active Aurora (INCAA) mission by providing an additional non-co-located ground-based sensor. HAARP will concurrently be conducting an HF ocean scatter experiment. Actual transmit days and times are highly variable based on real-time ionospheric conditions and the Poker Flat Research Range launch window. The following schedule is subject to change, and all transmissions will take place on 6.8 MHz.
Details for the sounding rockets program...https://sites.wff.nasa.gov/code810/news/story266-36.360%20INCAA.html
INCAA Launch Support Window
0500-0700 UTC, 24 March through 02 April inclusive
1230-1430 UTC, 03 April through 07 April inclusive
Ocean Scatter Window
0712-0722 UTC, 23 March
0819-0829 UTC, 24 March
0743-0753 UTC, 25 March
0707-0717 UTC, 26 March
0848-0858 UTC, 26 March
0731-0741 UTC, 27 March
0813-0823 UTC, 27 March
0737-0747 UTC, 28 March
0702-0712 UTC, 29 March
0626-0636 UTC, 30 March
0807-0817 UTC, 30 March
0732-0742 UTC, 31 March
0656-0706 UTC, 01 April
0620-0630 UTC, 02 April
0802-0812 UTC, 02 April

To request a HAARP QSL card, send reception reports to:
P.O. Box 271
Gakona, Alaska 99586

Source :The ARRL Letter for March 24, 2022

2249 UTC -Good signal here in WNY, I caught the end of Tina Turner singing Private Dancer, then off the air

General Radio Discussion / The Russian Woodpecker OTHR by KI6BDR
« on: February 21, 2022, 2239 UTC »
The story of this top secret place is one of mystery and intrigue. Now abandoned, a rusting testament to man’s cold war hubris, almost all popular accounts on the web are seriously flawed – victims of deliberate disinformation. Where did it come from? What did it do? Did it transmit? Did it receive? Was it the first of three, or the third of two?
Keith Snyder, KI6BDR, has been busy reverse engineering to uncover truth before time erases history. Keith shows visible engineering clues that reveal the mission and to correct the history of the huge “Duga 3” antenna Array. Keith Snyder (KI6BDR) currently works at Northrop Grumman as an antenna engineer at the Space Division located in Dulles Virginia. Keith has a BSEE degree from Ohio State University and studied antennas and electromagnetics from a well known ham operator Dr. John Kraus (W8JK). He has been working in the field of antennas since 1980. He has used computer codes for antenna analysis and design through out his career and is currently an expert user of FEKO for antenna design and scattering analysis.

Peskies / UNID 6925 LSB 2232 UTC 25 Jan 2022
« on: January 25, 2022, 2235 UTC »
2232 UTC - On going conversations , maybe Spanish, peskies are busy tonight.

2106 UTC - Signal is S9 in WNY, audio is a bit distorted.
2121 UTC - Enjoying the music mix.
2122 UTC - Signal is down to S7.
2126 UTC - Signal gone.

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