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A pirate radio station was sighted at 6397.5 kHz. Songs in Russian are played on the air.


UNID 6285 AM 1000 UTC 5 December 2021

I wrote only my assumption ... but I did not assure you about the one hundred percent location of the transmitter

I wrote only my assumption ... but I did not assure you about the one hundred percent location of the transmitter

The station is on air again

A minute ago the track sounded in Russian

В эфире звучала песня на русском языке:
Исполнитель - Забавные игры
Песня - Берег


Pirate radio station. In the evening, it is heard on many SDR receivers. In the daytime, I can only hear on one SDR receiver, which is located in Belarus in Minsk. From this we can conclude that the station is located most likely in the Smolensk region.

This recording was made when receiving a radio station during the day:

Link to sdr receiver where you can listen to the station during the day:
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Пиратская радиостанция. В вечернее время слышна на многих сдр приемниках. Днем я слышна только на один сдр приемник который расположен в Беларуси в Минске. Из этого можно сделать вывод что станция находится скорее всего в смоленской области.

Это запись сделана при приеме радиостанции днем:

Ссылка на сдр приемник где можно послушать станцию днем:

This radio operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. In evening time. The name of the station is "Free Waves Bay". Presumably located in Russia in the Leningrad region. Some listeners said that it was heard on the SDR in Kotka even in the daytime. The broadcast is in Russian. The programs of the times of the USSR are broadcast on the air, as well as the author's programs of the operator of the radio station.

I listened to the broadcast and the field of the received message, I thought that the broadcast was over. So he went on the air for a couple of minutes more.

The station operator on 14.10.2021 20:20 UTC  at the end of the broadcast announced the overheating of the elements at the station.


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