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I can't help but notice that since they've put that news bit out, the higher HF bands have come alive again and the solar flux has shot up again (currently 146).  I'm beginning to think that noone really knows what's going on with the current solar cycle...  :D

Equipment / Re: Using two SDRs with two aerials for steerable array?
« on: November 03, 2012, 1858 UTC »
Here's a ham that has used Softrocks to do it on 160m.  I'm guessing this would work for a small range of frequencies, since changing to a different frequency band would change all the phase relationships, and would have to be re-calculated.   :D


Other / Re: UNID tones 7077.5 LSB 00:52z-00:54z 11-02-12
« on: November 03, 2012, 0155 UTC »
That would be the JT65 digital mode.  7076 USB is the normal hangout.  You can get the software here:


Huge signal for Wolverine Radio.  S9+   Lots of spooky sounds to start with...   ;D

00:50  6925 USB  -  Radio Dead man??  (i think)  Weak signal (about s6)...just above the noise.  Playing all sorts of spooky sound effects.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XFM 6950 oct 31
« on: November 01, 2012, 0045 UTC »
XFM on 6960 AM here.  About a s8, with occasional deep fades, but otherwise very decent signal.

Thanks for the shout out XFM  

00:59  "Don't Fear the Reaper"   gotta have more #cowbell...  hahaha...     :D

Radio Cassablanca coming in s8 here on 6940 AM.  Noise level higher than normal here tonight...   :D

Dr. Benway sounds like he's havin' a good time on 6945 am.  Signal is good here... about s8-s9.

Hearing the trippy Radio Clandestine music well now.  About s8 level with minor fading.  Also hearing some blues type music underneath every once in a while.  Not sure who that is...

03:10  hearing Blues music much better now.  WBCQ relay seems to be QRT.  (trying to get ID)

Hearing a bunch of ELO tunes here.  Haven't heard an ID yet.  About a s7... just above the noise.

02:18  Mr Blue sky (one of the few ones i recognize)  ;D

Also hearing music s7-s8 on peaks... still just above the noise into Northern Illinois.  

01:55  Girl Like you - Smithereens
02:00  Cure - Lovesong


Excellent signal into northern Illinois this evening.  About s9+20 or so.   I'll take anything by Eric Clapton if you're taking requests.  ;)  

Excellent... nothing like making a song request to a #pirateradio station. The wonders of modern technology...

***  extra request in case you run out  ***  The Seagull Song - Paul Rogers  (thanks to aurora for idea)

Thanks Wolverine...  ;D

Nice signal from Dr. Benway at 21:48 utc.  S9 +20 on the longwire into Northern Illinois.  Hope the prop holds up...  8)

Other / Re: weird music? on 7078kHz
« on: August 24, 2012, 0956 UTC »
Probably JT65 digital mode... the watering hole is 7076 + offset.  It sounds like a bunch of musical tones...   :D

Utility / Re: Software for WEFAX/SSTV?
« on: August 23, 2012, 0840 UTC »
Multipsk will do both of them I believe... The interface isn't the prettiest looking, but hey it's free, and will decode all kinds of digimodes...



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