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6900 LSB

Good signal here.

WDOG 6900 LSB 0248z-0415z 05-05-24

Thanks for the show WDOG!

6950 USB

Fair signal through noisy conditions.

Familiar voice of Op giving shoutout to refmo after sending SSTV:

UNID 6950 USB 0214z 05-04-24

6930 USB

Fair to decent signal.

02:36z "...bork, bork, bork, bork.."

Thanks OD!

6960 AM

Noisy conditions making for a fair signal & some ute competition earlier.

01:37z REM
01:44z ID

Thanks BR!

11727 USB

Fairly good signal here.

UNID 11727 USB 1958z-2000z 04-25-24

6925 USB

Weak, but getting some audio.

6944.9 AM

Fair signal for the most part - last ~10mins. of broadcast was best.

23:00z live WMR ID
23:01z 'Carry On Wayward Son' - Kansas
23:08z Off

WMR 6945 AM 2253z-2308z 04-07-24

Thanks WMR!

6955 USB

Sounding good down here DJ Dickweed.

23:25z ID

6920 USB

Booming signal here.

01:26z Owl hoots followed by "..An ID would be cool; this is An ID Radio.." more hoots & into 'She Hates Me' by Puddle Of Mud
02:01z Off

An ID Radio 6920 USB 0126z-0201z 04-07-24

Thanks for the show!

Station ID is 'An ID Radio' - see previous logs:

An ID Radio 6920 USB 0004 UTC 11 Dec 2023
An ID Radio 6920 USB 0243 UTC 7 JAN 2024

6970 then 6980 AM

02:44z ID

WWWW 6970-6980 AM 0135z-0300z 03-27-24

Thanks for the show tonight WWWW!

Tuned in at 21:35z in SAM and signal was coming in well.  Have switched to ISB, but signal is right at noise floor now at 21:43z

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