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Able to use AM synch- and it holds the lock. Maine.

Talking about upgrading the audio. Punchy and clear signal- Red Hot Chili Peppers. Virus 19 Radio, s7-easy. Fidelity doesn't quite match Wolverine. A bit of fading but basically armchair copy here in Maine.

That makes more sense to me. Signal is just too strong from that region of the world for this time of day/season here in New England. Not even the best signals from Radio Thailand on 19 meters approach this level. Could be Vatican Radio from one of their sites (they do use Madagascar)I'll check out the FB post. Thanks Dan

Not an anomaly. Present and strong for the last 4 nights straight.  Opening with an "interval signal" followed by a very interesting bit of Asian music. Radio Veritas Asia clearly heard in the opening announcement. There appears to be some sort of "pulse" signal in the background. Wonder if is some sort of jamming on the Burmese end?

Another opportunity to legally log a transmission from a remote part of the world. The program (Christian) starts after the TWR (Transworld Radio) interval signal in the Hindi language 5 nights a week. At 0115, they broadcast in a different language every night

9.645    2400 -2430 GMT. S9 signal here in New England. Armchair copy.  In the Kachin language according to the website. This is very unusual and may have something to do with the intense heat we are experiencing.  Propagation conditions have been forecasted to be very good. You can hear them online during this period  as well in this unusual language

S7 and improving. Not their usual armchair copy signal. There have been times in the past that this station's signal and fidelity have been quite impressive. It's a tight, technical operation.
Lots of rain here lately, flooding. Atmospheric noise level higher than usual
Always great to catch one of their themed broadcasts. "Party" tonight.

S2-3, some fades but intelligible. Radio play.

Thru the fire, Chakha. AM.  Excellent almost armchair here in Maine

Same here in Maine. Not the best of fidelity. At this point, the same song is being repeated. s9 with some fading.

TWR MANZINI is appearing now around 0255 on 3240. Channel Africa on 3345kc/s around 0300. Far cry from what the 60 & 90-meter bands held in the 70's and 80's. Sonder Grense is still the powerhouse on that band. If they're poor, then the rest will be the same.

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Taiwan International (Not the relay)
« on: October 24, 2017, 1814 UTC »
9900 kc/s. fading in around 2230 and peaking to almost armchair level here in Maine before starting to fade again before 0000 sign off. Chinese language with what sounds like commercials announcements prior to s/off. This is from Taiwan, not a relay. Just one of the peculiar phenomenon of sunrise/greyline activity that will soon be gone as the season progresses

Shortwave Broadcast / Zanzibar
« on: October 24, 2017, 1805 UTC »
Good to hear the English news at 1800. read by female announcer. After a long absence, Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation audible on 11,735 kc/s.

Good signal into southern Maine. Not quite the powerhouse of RFW that proceeded it. Listening in AM sync.

Shortwave Broadcast / ZBC
« on: July 20, 2017, 1735 UTC »
Glad to hear ZBC clearly with good strength after a few months of technical issues. 11735 kHz/s again coming in with good fidelity. This is one of the last o f the "African" stations.

Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation.

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