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2030 Panda Radio greets Juan Carlos and Jari. Hoi Panda.
2034 Ievan Polkka  ;D

1918 Nirvana smells.
1923 Phil Collins sings about a prostitute, feat. Queen. Now 5842.
1930 One of 999 songs called "Don't stop the music".
1937 Seems to be sunny in the middle of road.
1940 Guy is just flirting again.
1944 Mike Mike Mike Mike Radio.
1945 Grace Jones plays accordion.
1949 mikeradio punt nl

2035 Hello Mike! Thank you for greets.  ;D

SSTV and waterfall graphic tests.

Music: Alphaville, Pet Shop Boys.

1107 Bette Davis Eyes and latin music. Nice signal S5-S6.

Johnny Tobacco on 6275 greeting listeners.
1638 Eini: Kesä ja yö.

1545 Rock classics
1551 ID
1552 Won't Get Fooled Again.
1607 Roundabout.
1612 White Rabbit.
1615 White Room.
1619 ID as ukdxer suggested; Your Radio Of The Sea.
1621 Free Bird.

I was wondering what Swiss Radio International is doing here.

Dionne Warwick S9+5dB.  :)

Only carrier.

Now heard here 2040 utc. Fq offset on lower side 6949,83.
"This is the album show."

Hoh. I was listening to Kaizer & Kaizerin (1647) and I didn't realise there is interesting things on SW.
Nice signal tonight in Finland.

Great fidelity.

Tears for Fears were sowing the seeds of love at 2225 UTC. Fine signal.
Then Rod Stewart thought he would be sexy.

I have signal and sounds :o
Cool AM relay.

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