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"Mr Mace said people should keep their distance from the penguins, which could have a nasty bite."

Row upon row of hideous bird teeth! Like a walking sea lamprey!

If the array is tuned to 12mHz or lower, it'll be a fantastic nvis antenna when luf/muf are in that range of freqs. In this mode, the rf goes straight up, hits the ionospheric layer, is reradiated by the ionosphere and sent more or less straight back down, with a radius of several hundred miles being typical. There will be no skip zone inside this radius, outside the radius the signal may go unheard. These effects are why military units often employ nvis; no skip zone plus difficulty in direction finding on a signal that comes from straight up.

Otherwise you have a neat array to listen to the galaxy on hf when muf is lower than the tuned freq, as the ionosphere is passive to signals higher than muf. You can hear Jupiter on 21mHz, for example.

Right now just a Uniden 9000XLT as the rx, and a Comet or Diamond multiband mobile vertical hanging in the window.

The antenna has designed resonance in the 220 band, I suppose that's close enough to mil air for government work.

In the works is a disconey/lna/hi pass and fmbc filter up 30ft olr so, and then the sdrs will be brought into play.

I always suspected Al was a satyr!

General Radio Discussion / Re: Radio Stand Hack
« on: July 18, 2019, 2003 UTC »
Holy crap, beware those things are sharp enough to slot you good.

It was air related, musta been at the fringe of my range as they were there long enough for me to see what freq it was and gone.

Utility / Re: RUAF Bomber/Escort flights
« on: July 18, 2019, 1956 UTC »
GOST is more or less the Rooskii STANAGskii part.

Also see here;

Just had some chatter on "Magnum 5", 357.050 MHz 1904Z 17JUL19

If Edison had won, there'd be a huge con-ed dc power plant every few blocks because his system was so lossy.

Utility / Re: RUAF Bomber/Escort flights
« on: July 17, 2019, 1641 UTC »
Get your GOST on;
Is Rooskii STANAGskii, tovarich gospodin camarad.

Amateur Radio / Re: Frequency Band Etiquette
« on: July 17, 2019, 1630 UTC »
Many ct guys don't even get on HAM radio unless there's a ct going - this is a blessing. But almost all of the ct guys have no problem firing up on well known sstv channels or any other freq, even if it's occupied, because as ct guys they can do whatever the f they want.
A lot of HAMs, me included, just tune other bands when there's a ct on.

Jba @ 2353, motley crue tune, send more deebees!

Artemis is an open source Windows/Linux/MacOS compatible application initially programmed by Marco Dalla Tiezza. It brings the sigidwiki website into an offline searchable database with an easy to use UI. Today version 3.0 was released to the public. The new version has been completely rewritten from scratch in Python, as the previous versions were written in BASIC (a now abandoned programming language). The new version has an improved UI, and paves the path for future improvements.

Jba @ 2125Z. Tstorms abound right now.

Propagation / Re: Is my radio dead though?
« on: July 16, 2019, 2114 UTC »
Lol there's two main trains of thought;

One is ground everything, bond everything, disconnect everything.

The other is the opposite, ground nothing, disconnect nothing.

I ground things as well as I can because I want a quieter rf environment. Someone I know who is a trusted ee grounds nothing, disconnects nothing, and has yet to lose anything and he has thousands of dollas of gear attached to full size hf wires and beams atop tall towers. That being said, he uses some large pointy ended shotgun bore cleaning brush thingys bonded to the towers at or near the top to bleed away any nearfield streamers in the air. No streamers = no lightning strike.

An uncle who was a HAM for decades and an ee who did quality control on nuclear submarine and icbm guidance systems was of the tall tower, full size hf wires, large v/uhf verticals, ground everything mindset. He lost thousands of dollas worth of HAM gear to lightning on several different occasions.

I'm leaning towards the large shotgun bore streamer thingy for tall towers and ground everything to eliminate ground loops and keep rf noise down

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