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Just remembered this freq is on or very near a NORAD or STRATCOM freq, one of the ZULU series mebbe, if it turns out to be soviet jammer testing or sending us a "message" it'd not surprise me. The soviets used to employ a hf jammer (one of many) created by distorting the audio of one of their home services (Радио Маяк?) or summin and blasting it all over hf.

S4/5 in the clear 0130Z

Equipment / Re: Icom IC-R8600 vs Icom IC7300
« on: April 05, 2020, 2042 UTC »
I already have two loop antennas; a W6LVP and a Wellbrook loop, they're both in my attic.

Reason I ask, I want to get an Icom is for the waterfall/spectrum display. Not to keen on the idea of hooking another monitor to display that, in my limited desk space. Yes, I'm also a ham, although a technician, for now...

Thanks to all for the replies.

Considering the above I feel a new 7300 will do you well in ambc and HAM. I too like the ability to have a fish finder running without needing a pc, the 756p2 in front of me is evidence of that.

Amateur Radio / Re: Project 775
« on: April 05, 2020, 2032 UTC »
Breaking Quarantine

I found someone local to bead blast and powder coat the 775s poor cabinetry. At first I tried to find my goto place where I'd had a Romanian AK74 blasted and powder coated several years ago but couldn't remember where it was, mebbe they gone under. But fb, as much as I dislike anything zuckerberg, revealed a proprietor with a home blasting/coating shop, called and made arrangements for said blasting/coating.

Ran into a snag as the inside of one cabinet half has a large sheet of what I assume is sound deadening material of a synthetic felt nature, glued firmly over a substantial area of said cabinet. It also had a clothe-like sound passing baffle over the speaker port. Both of these would be ruined by the heat of powder coating, or misapplication of the bead blasting process.

So it was decided to simply glass bead the exterior of the cabinetry, the insides of wich are coated in a type of bluing or similar that is conductive, where powder coating is usually a insulator. In consideration of the above, spray bombs were the only recourse.

So while the cabinetry was undergoing the bead blasting, I vetured forth to Lowes only a few miles away and found they were indeed doing business during thapocalypse. Got some dark grey texture finish rustoleums and went back to the bead blasters.

Blasting took off all exterior coating and greatly reduced the apparent scratches and all traces of rust and corrosion! Inside, the cloth materials were unhurt.

Took all home and set up operations in the porch to keep dust and pollen off the surfaces post and ante spraybombing runs. Cleaned the surfaces to be painted with alcohol to remove any oils or other crap.

Holy crap this stuff is vile smelling. Spraying a few light coats, varying the pass direction and angle of attack made for a nice uniform coat, and the longer it dried the better it looked. I didn't like it at first when it was still wet, but now think it looks great, something Inuoue-san might be proud of.

Anyway, it looks like something the factory would have done, can't wait to put it together with the less blemished front panel and see how it looks.

73's and best regardses!

General Radio Discussion / Re: COVID Watch Net
« on: April 05, 2020, 2001 UTC »
What do you guys expect to hear on these nets?

Huh? / Re: Comet coming soon, surely end times are near....
« on: April 05, 2020, 1957 UTC »
Read tother day the moon and two planets are gonna make a smiley face soon!


happy pocalypse everyone!

When I hear about sigs like this I can't help but to recall the Yosemite Sam on hf episode. Mebbe mil sigint ops training, mebbe some asshat just fooling around giving his finals a life test.


They were definitely talking about ada countermeasures.

Utility / Re: CIS Navy on HF
« on: April 05, 2020, 1944 UTC »

Equipment / Re: Icom IC-R8600 vs Icom IC7300
« on: April 04, 2020, 2156 UTC »
In real world terms a 2dB diff is usually within the margin of error for testing sensitivity, even 3dB diff I'd take as being more or less identical. You will never notice it in use.

On rs power supplies, some of them are unregulated and that means a bit of varying dc and perhaps noise in the power.

And more to the root of the question, if the dx r8 hears everything the other proposed receivers will in the ranges they share, and I am confident that will be the case, why spend the kilodollars? There are any number of worthy rx sdrs out there that can scratch the sdr itch for you for even less than a new 7300.

If you're a HAM then mebbe a 7300 would be nice to have, great rx and comes with a nifty fish finder, I wouldn't waste money on a used one when new with warranty is only a hundred dollars more.

You know eas is intended to let fedz take over pretty much all means of bcast comms right?

Sounds to me like Asian male and female voices reading news or something else, recorded and then transmitted as dsb or exalted carrier am for whatever reason. Tdoa? Jammer testing?

Huh? / Re: Yabba Dabba Doo!
« on: April 02, 2020, 2243 UTC »
You Have Reached Your Free Article Limit For The Month

HF Mystery Signals / Re: Data transmission 4.997 to 5.005 MHz
« on: April 02, 2020, 2239 UTC »
Bet it's 4985 Davidsonville, MD S4481 fsk with spurs.

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