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Software / Re: Amalgamated DGPS Software
« on: January 11, 2017, 0220 UTC »
Hi Chris,

I just started using the new windoz version of ADGPS a couple of nights ago. Last night/this AM I logged 90 straight decodes of #971 Gatun Panama! One less in the bucket list.  :D

Also the previous unid (684 on 325 popped up again this AM. It has been identified as coming from Southern Avionics Company in Beaumont, TX. They manufacture mostly NDB's but have an on the air test rig for DGPS transmitters. Apparently it just sends random data to test the transmitter. For my personal log use I named it #SAC as the call sign when they test NDBs on air on various frequencies is also "SAC".

When they were contacted they shut (684 down 31 Oct 16 awaiting word from the USCG if they could use 325 kHz. Don't know as of today if the USCG said it was OK or not.

SACo L/L:   30 03 56 N,  094 08 51 W

DGPS / Re: DGPS Loggings 30 Nov -1 Dec 2016
« on: December 01, 2016, 1930 UTC »
Here is my logs from 30Nov2016:

Software / Re: Amalgamated DGPS Software
« on: November 23, 2016, 2347 UTC »
Hi Chris,

I found another one that just popped up and has been off air since Oct 2014:

#820 Alexandria, VA  It was an engineering test site.

So I guess there still will be the odd false decode. On some of the true Dx I don't think one could ever get 10 or more logs. That is why I have been keeping a log on paper to track them. Maybe as we go in to winter there will be a change.   

It's like that with NDB's too. Sometimes they are there for a few cycles then gone.   



Software / Re: Amalgamated DGPS Software
« on: November 16, 2016, 2335 UTC »
Hi Chris,

I found another station that popped up the other day and should be deleted:

#877 290 kHz Pahoa, HI  (Decom 26Apr14)

Also decoding a WinRadio I/Q file is a problem: it is 32 bits, 40 kHz bw, stereo.



Software / Re: Amalgamated DGPS Software
« on: November 06, 2016, 0752 UTC »
Hi Chris,

Kool program! This is really nice to be able to monitor the full DGPS band......

I've found a typo a few days ago: #667 Ulling Do, South Korea, 319 kHz is showing station #001 Ull every time it is logged. The RFId is correct/the one assigned.

Also #821 Portsmouth C2CEN, VA, 313 kHz has been off air for over two years. #821 shows up occasionally and is a false decode. It is/was a testing facility for the USCG.

Next, we know there is a problem with the ADGPS RFId display. Is it your intent to show the assigned RFId's or only the received RFId? I would prefer to see what ADGPS received to further verify the log and for submission of logs to Rxx.

Interestingly, I have been seeing a lot of logs from South African stations primarily #203. Building up over a week or so from one log at a time to 4, 5, 6 daily logs. Accompanied by usually another AFS station but they only log one hit. The interesting part is that the logs are happening during AFS local daylight morning/early afternoon time (+9 hours from here - nighttime here on the left coast)! A few days none are logged but seem to follow the daily ebb and flow of what I log on HF DSC from Cape Town 8 & 12 mHz.   

I listened to the Perseus SDR audio I/Q stream of several of these AFS #203 logs and it sounds like the USA station on this channel, #828 Angleton, TX fades/flutters. I ran DSCDecoder at the same time (I knew it would not log #203 as it takes DSCDecoder about 12 seconds to sync) but it skips a few seconds of solid decodes of #828 and then ADGPS logs #203 during these "skips". I checked down to the exact seconds.

Interestingly some of the ADGPS daily logs seem to show a pattern of LF propagation to some regions.

Finally, I read somewhere in the description of ADGPS that the user would have access to the station list. I did not find that function in the windoz distribution of ADGPS. Would like to see that to eliminate the "clutter" of truly impossible logs like India, Egypt and so on.

The Graphing function is also kool Chris. Once in a while it shows a gradual slope of decline in logs but mostly peaks and valleys then a decline near local daylight.


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