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My listening observations are that I heard various Halloween sound effects, and some of the Halloween movie sound tracks, and other great stuff there.   It was a good show to kick off the Halloween season.  Radio used was the Tecsun PL-368 with a long wire antenna. 

Longwave Loggings / Re: Radio France Inter 162 kHz reactivated?
« on: December 01, 2020, 0037 UTC »
 There is no France Inter broadcasts anymore.  They discontinued back in December 31, 2016   They are only available online, DAB and FM if you visit France. 

Listening from Virginia Beach, Virginia on my Tecsun PL-880 on 6935.05 kHz upper side band.  Signal is moderate, but listenable.   


Virginia Beach, Virginia   

Early this morning about 0700 UTC, it was a total mess,   There were different LSB transmissions going on simultanously.  One was playing a oldies radio station that sounded like it was dugged out of the radio archives like from the late 50's, and the radio station was from a AM radio station that was located in St. Louis, Missouri, and it was playing oldies music from that era, and they were airing old commericals, and other stuff.    The other radio station was playing some oldies music, and techno music and it was constantly interferring with the archived radio broadcast that some UnID station was playing.      There was no way to pin point where the transmissions were coming from, so they were was pretty clandestine, hidden, and mysterious "non ham" and operators behaving badly transmissions.     

Right now I am monitor these transmissions often around 1700 UTC to 0100 UTC on 7.2 MHz and 0100 UTC to 0800 UTC on 3.860 MHz, and in order to hear these transmissions, you need a real good short wave outdoor antenna, and a good well built receiver or listen in on many other Web SDR's for these transmissions.  They are not hard to do.   I don't mind having fun logging them, but when I try to log them, there is no way to find out where they are coming from, these transmissions have very poor QTH, and sometimes I wonder if they are just Studio To Transmitter links to a remote part 15 AM transmitter that operates during the weekends.

What do you have to say about this type?   I know they are behaving badly, but maybe they are not, they are doing something that one day, they might end up doing a digital (DRM) transmission on this frequency in the future to send a audio feed to a remote AM station. 

I just tuned into a ham radio frequency of 3.860 MHz LSB, and I am hearing oldies music, and old time radio, and these ham radio operators are not identifying themselves, and it has been going on since 0600 UTC, and there are 2 different transmissions playing simultaneously.      Listening in Virginia Beach, Virginia via Web SDR in Washington DC.  I wish that these stations would just cease operation if they cannot identify themselves like real ham radio operators do.   Somethings got to be done about this.   I remember that hams ID themselves every 15 minutes, 30 minutues, and on top of the hour.     This sounds like pirate radio activity to me than ham radio operations. 

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