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2128 UTC Claw Your Way Out Pluralone
2131 UTC Radio Free Whatever ID
2134 UTC All My Ghosts Lizzy McAlpine

S9+20 Here In Ma. Ob RSPdx Direct

1950 UTC Paperback Writer Beatles

S8+ Here In Ma. On RSPdx Direct

1945 UTC Time Onuka

S7 W/Fading and Noise In Ma. On RSPdx Direct

1939 UTC Stairway To Heaven Neil Sedaka
1941 UTC Pretty Ballerina The Left Banke

S9+ 10 Here In Ma. On RSPdx Direct

1650 UTC Blues Max Bennett
1652 UTC Max Is The Factor Max Bennett
Great Choices In Jazz
S8+ Here In Snowy Ma. On RSPdx Direct

2328 UTC My Baby's A Good Um The Mannish Boys
2330 UTC It's Love Baby Jimmie Vaughan
2333 UTC Better Luck Floyd Lee

S8+ Here In Ma. With Slight Fading on RSPdx Direct

Great Choice on The Blues

2156 UTC Badfish Sublime
2200 UTC Wrong Way Sublime

S9+ Here in Ma. On RSPdx Direct

2148 UTC What You Do For Money Honey AC/DC
2150 UTC Give A Dog A Bone

S7+ With Peskies In Ma. On RSPdx Direct

0013 UTC Questions & Answers Joe Bonamassa
0017 UTC That's What Love Will Make You Do John Mayall
0022 UTC Find A Way Robert Randolph

S6 With Lots Of Noise In Ma. On RSPdx Direct

2236 UTC Peace Sells Megadeth
2240 UTC Zeeky is a 1st class Dj
2246 UTC Back In Black AC/DC
2250 UTC American Idiot Greenday

S9+10 Here in Ma. on RSPdx Direct

2243 UTC Fortune Little Dragon

S9+ Here In Ma. On RSPdx Direct

2334 UTC When The Levee Breaks Led Zeppelin

S9 Here In Ma. On RSPdx Direct

2116 UTC I Know A Place Petula Clark
2119 UTC Yeah Man Radio ID National Music Day
2119 UTC My Boy Lollipop Millie
2121 UTC Last Kiss J.Frank Wilson

S7 W/Noise But Readable Here In Ma. on RSPdx Direct

2343 UTC Chemical Imbalance Skatenigs
2245 UTC So What Ministry

S9+ Here in Ma. On RSPdx Direct

2240 UTC Breathe The Prodigy

S9+10 Here in MA. on RSPdx Direct

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