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Exact frequency is 6274.54 kHz. S9+10 with the G4SZM KiwiSDR.

1720 UTC-Classical music
1721 UTC-Silence
1721 UTC-Switched to a relay of Today FM
1730 UTC-OFF

1732 UTC-ON, carrier
1732 UTC-Bits of music and voice, very distorted
1735 UTC-OFF

1737 UTC-ON, carrier
1738 UTC-With Every Heartbeat (feat. Kleerup) by Robyn
1740 UTC-Today FM DJ talking, ads
1745 UTC-OFF

Other / Music in the AM Window 3880 AM 0727 UTC 11 FEB 2023
« on: February 11, 2023, 0733 UTC »
Drifting slowly as usual. S9+20 with the K3FEF KiwiSDR. Nice 20 kHz wide audio!

0727 UTC-Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets
0729 UTC-The Yellow Rose of Texas by Mitch Miller
0732 UTC-Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes
0735 UTC-A Blossom Fell by Nat "King" Cole
0737 UTC-Battle Cry: Honey-Babe by Art Mooney Orchestra
0740 UTC-Ain't That a Shame by Pat Boone
0742 UTC-Hard to Get by Gisele MacKenzie
0745 UTC-Vintage Oscar Mayer bologna ad
0745 UTC-OFF

Thanks for the broadcast! I wish it continued later like they normally do.

Other / Music in the AM Window 3885 AM 0750 UTC 4 FEB 2023
« on: February 11, 2023, 0731 UTC »
S9 with the AB1KW KiwiSDR.

0750 UTC-Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones
0751 UTC-Riders On The Storm by The Doors
0753 UTC-Get Off Of My Cloud by The Rolling Stones
0756 UTC-Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival
0759 UTC-Run Through the Jungle by Creedence Clearwater Revival
0802 UTC-“Wow, playing music on AM, wow”
0802 UTC-Hey Joe (Live) by Jimi Hendrix
0804 UTC-Vintage Almond Joy ad
0805 UTC-Hello, I Love You by The Doors

I originally posted this as a reply to another thread but it should have been a new post. That is why the late post date.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6930 USB 0351 UTC 11 FEB 2023
« on: February 11, 2023, 0354 UTC »
S5 with the Raleigh, NC KiwiSDR. The Two Dog Radio broadcast ended earlier.

0351 UTC-Robot YL “Pirate radio, no rules, no direction, and no protocol” and OM “there is nothing wrong with your radio”
0352 UTC-Blues Music
0355 UTC-Texas Steel by Electric Blue
0401 UTC-Robot YL “Pirate radio, no rules, no direction, and no protocol”, repeated several times
0402 UTC-Kahani Suno 2.0 Trance by dsentertainment
0403 UTC-OFF

I am currently listening to WRMI Legends on 4980 kHz direct, decent reception. There was an announcement at 0306 UTC that WRMI Legends will be moving to 5050 kHz starting Monday. Good move, that should be free of the severe RTTY QRM on the current frequency and won’t block reception of Brazil on 4985 kHz.

QSLs Received / AD149 Radio eQSL
« on: February 07, 2023, 1539 UTC »
Thank you so much for this eQSL!

Current email is ad149radio@gmail.com

I speak on behalf of many pirate radio operators and respectfully ask all members of hfunderground, new and senior, to please respect the privacy of all pirate radio operators and please do NOT post links to screen captures of the TDoA results or post the coordinates of the TDoA results from the Kiwi SDR in this forum.
I ask you to please keep this information to yourself.
Thank you.

This is a list I have compiled based on loggings here on the HFU. It shows all the North American shortwave pirates heard in the month of January 2023. Note that many stations use multiple names so determining the number of actual transmitters in use is impossible. Some stations are also active so infrequently that they may not have been logged this month but may broadcast in the future. Stations are listed alphabetically and show the station name followed by the number of loggings in January 2023.

Most Active Station: B Side Radio (11 broadcasts)
Total Broadcasts This Month: 243

All Azteca Relay Service 4
Ballsmacker Radio 7
Boombox Radio 1
B Side Radio 11
Captain Morgan Shortwave 6
Classic Rock Radio 1
Cloudsplitter Radio 9
Commercial Radio 1
Damn Skippy 3
Fork It 1
Good Times Radio 1
Happy Happy Radio 1
Hawaiian Numbers 1
ION Radio 1
Karen Radio 1
KEAK The Spider 3
Leeroy's One Dog Salvage 1
Lucky 13 1
Micro Radio International 1
Mix Radio International 2
Mystery Science Radio 1
Non-Integer Radio 1
North American Pirate Relay Service 1
Nuttin on Shortwave 2
One Dog Radio 1
Outhouse Radio 8
Pelee Island Broadcasting System 2
Piss-Ant Radio 1
Prime Numbers Radio 1
Pulio Rock Radio 1
Radio 1700 1
Radio Free Whatever 9
Radio Gaga 1
Radio Now 1
Radio Olah 1
Radio What 1
RPM 45 1
Solar Centric 1
Solid Rock Radio 2
Sycko Radio 5
The Beginning 1
Thunder Chicken Radio 3
Toynbee Radio 1
Trance World Radio 1
Truth Radio International 1
Two Dog Radio 6
UNID Radio 1
UNID Tones 10
Wasteland Radio 2
WAVE Radio 5
Wolverine Radio 2
WTF Radio Worldwide 1
X-FM 1
Yeah Man Radio 1

S9+20 with the Masset, British Columbia KiwiSDR.

0322 UTC-ON, carrier only
0323 UTC-Careless Love by Brian Brown Trio
0327 UTC-Baubles Bangles and Beads by Brian Brown Trio
0332 UTC-Bud Bigly talking about the music, B Side Radio ID, hello to people on the HFU (thanks!)
0333 UTC-The Queen's Fancy by The Modern Jazz Quartet
0337 UTC-Delaunay's Dilemma by The Modern Jazz Quartet
0341 UTC-Bud having some problems cueing up the music, B Side Radio ID, hello to people on the HFU
0342 UTC-The Entertainer by Joshua Rifkin
0342 UTC-Talking about the music, B Side Radio ID, talking about the equipment
0348 UTC-Fascinating Rhythm by Stan Getz

0400 UTC-Emily by Ramsey Lewis
0403 UTC-Talking about the music and the Chinese balloon, B Side Radio ID
0404 UTC-Jazz Music (I missed the title)
0410 UTC-Talking about the music, going to play one more song
0412 UTC-For Miles And Miles by Chet Baker & Art Pepper
0418 UTC-Turned on the wrong turntable, talking about the music, going to do one more song, thanks to everyone for listening, have a great night
0420 UTC-Minor Chant by Jimmy Smith
0427 UTC-OFF

Thanks for the broadcast!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 0248 UTC 6 FEB 2023
« on: February 06, 2023, 0248 UTC »
S7 with the AB1KW KiwiSDR.

0248 UTC-ON
0248 UTC-Oriental music and Chinese announcer on a loop
0250 UTC-Unknown Chinese Techno Music
0251 UTC-OM speaking in English, hard to understand
0251 UTC-Everything above all mixed up
0252 UTC-Hilarious Chinese Song by John Xina
0257 UTC-Chinese announcer
0257 UTC-If You Feel My Love (Chaow Mix) by Blaxy Girls
0259 UTC-Chinese announcer
0259 UTC-Pop Goes the Weasel by HooplaKidz
0300 UTC-OM news talking in English about the spy balloon
0300 UTC-Chinese announcer
0301 UTC-Eye In the Sky by The Alan Parsons Project
0305 UTC-Oriental music and Chinese announcer in a loop
0306 UTC-OFF

Thanks for tuning in. Try 11960

Very good signal direct!

2356 UTC-MRI identifications
2356 UTC-Jamming by Bob Marley & The Wailers

European MW Pirate Radio / UNID (NL) 1636 AM 1857 UTC 5 FEB 2023
« on: February 05, 2023, 1858 UTC »
S9+10 with the Almelo, Netherlands KiwiSDR.

1857 UTC-Dutch Music

Other / Retards QRMing AMers 3895 kHz 0015 UTC 5 FEB 2023
« on: February 05, 2023, 0031 UTC »
Listening and hearing strong signals on the Raleigh, NC KiwiSDR.

0015 UTC-Today is the AM rally so some of the AM activity is up on 3895 kHz AM, someone calling CQ
0015 UTC-Slopbucket operators bothering the AM stations and complaining endlessly
0025 UTC-The AMers moved and now the Satan Side Band ops continue to complain
0030 UTC-Still complaining

Some people just have rocks in their heads. I hear sidebanders in the AM Window every single day and on the one day of the year AMers often operate outside the window people just have to complain.

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