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S9+10 with the KX4AZ KiwiSDR.

0142 UTC-Music

This is a list I have compiled based on loggings here on the HFU. It shows all the North American shortwave pirates heard in the month of May 2023. Note that many stations use multiple names so determining the number of actual transmitters in use is impossible. Some stations are also active so infrequently that they may not have been logged this month but may broadcast in the future. Stations are listed alphabetically and show the station name followed by the number of loggings in May 2023.

Most Active Station: Radio Vostochnaya Zvezda (on air 24/7 until May 15+May 30)
Total Broadcasts This Month: 199

77LJS 15
All Azteca Relay Service 5
Artist Spotlight Radio 3
Ballsmacker Radio 8
Beef Stroganoff Radio 1
Boombox Radio 1
B Side Radio 2
Captain Morgan Shortwave 3
Cloudsplitter Radio 1
Cock Smacker Radio 1
Crapola Radio 1
Earth Station 1W 1
FUBAR Radio 1
Good Times Radio 1
ION Radio 5
Lime in the Coconut Radio 1
North American Pirate Relay Service 11
Nowhere Radio 1
Outhouse Radio 11
Pigs Knuckles 2
Pirate Without A Name 1
Radio Cinco de Mayo 1
Radio Free Whatever 9
Radio Vixen International 2
Radio Vostochnaya Zvezda/Kawaii FM 16
Sycko Radio 10
Thunder Chicken Radio 6
Truth Radio International 14
WAVE Radio 1
Wolverine Radio 2
WTF Radio Worldwide 5
Yeah Man Radio 2

S9+10 with the KFS Omni KiwiSDR.

0359 UTC-Josiah blabbering
0421 UTC-Days of Hard Life by Lace
0424 UTC-Sign off message

S9+20 direct.

0303 UTC-Cherokee by Clifford Brown
0307 UTC-Bud Bigly talking about the music, hello to me, it’s been a nice day here (here too)
0308 UTC-Oh! Look At Me Now by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra
0312 UTC-Blue Sunset by The Tommy Chase Quartet
0320 UTC-Talking about the music, the song my Shazam got is different from what’s on the label, your listening to B Side Radio, good evening to others on the HFU, comments on the music (I love the jazz!), B Side Radio with Bud Bigly
0322 UTC-Don't Squawk by Lee Konitz
0329 UTC-This is B Side Radio with Bud Bigly, doing some stuff this spring
0330 UTC-For Hi-Fi Bugs by Pete Rugolo and His Orchestra
0334 UTC-Ain't Misbehavin' by Milt Jackson
0339 UTC-Talking about the music, hello to people on the HFU, B Side Radio
0341 UTC-Unknown Music (I need to pay more attention!)
0346 UTC-Getting some noise from the turntable, this is B Side Radio with Bud Bigly, talking about the music
0347 UTC-Boogaloo by Stanley Turrentine
0353 UTC-Talking about the music, B Side Radio ID
0355 UTC-Scorpio's Dance by Joe McPhee
0403 UTC-Talking about the music, time for the last song, thanks for listening, promotion for my YouTube channel, B Side Radio
0405 UTC-It's All Right With Me by Johnny Griffin
0410 UTC-OFF

AD149 Radio from Argentina on 6934.89 kHz AM.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Please avoid use of 6925 kHz
« on: May 31, 2023, 1913 UTC »
You can always check out my daily waterfalls of the 43 mb to see when it, or another signal is present (or not): https://radiohobbyist.org/waterfalls/

Yes, I did check those. No sign of the ute since May 28.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Please avoid use of 6925 kHz
« on: May 31, 2023, 0509 UTC »
I have been "out of the loop" since last Thursday or so. I'm not hearing it on the east coast tonight. Has it been gone for a few days?

I didn’t hear it yesterday or today, it was still there on Sunday.

S9+20 with the KFS Omni KiwiSDR. S7 direct.

0324 UTC-Josiah preaching
0404 UTC-Days of Hard Life by Lace
0406 UTC-Sign off message
0413 UTC-OFF

Went back to my recording and found this waterfall image:

This was WHIZ

``Press Release: Radio Angela To Cease Broadcasts May 31

WBCQ's Radio Angela, which began broadcasting a little over a year
ago, was a bold experiment in quality programming. It carried world
music (including the last Greek music on shortwave after Greece itself
stopped broadcasting on the sw bands), great literature read aloud,
new music releases by independent artists, some of the best vintage
music on any radio band, science and comedy. It avoided the political
and religious programming about which so many shortwave listeners love
to complain but which are also the bread and butter that keep most
private shortwave stations alive. The production standards were
frequently nearly public radio quality even when not sourced from
public radio. We also brought several new voices from around the world
onto the shortwave bands who had never been there before.

It was known from day one that its long term success would depend upon
attracting an adequate amount of both listener contributions and
program buyers outside of regular core hours.

Critically and artistically, Radio Angela was a great success, and
many thanks to all who gave us public and/or private support of any
kind. Financially, however, this has not proven to be viable. The
airtime buyers didn't come, and neither did enough donors.
Consequently, Radio Angela's last transmission as Radio Angela will be
May 31 (June 1 0200-0412 UTC).

Some individual programs are likely to continue in some form on the
WBCQ grid; my own individual flagship programs (From the Isle of Music
and Uncle Bill's Melting Pot) will be going on hiatus for a least a
month, possibly longer, on both 5130 and 7490, and my other shows will
be discontinued altogether. This is a purely financial matter, and if
we could find a nice wealthy philanthropist who loves shortwave,
perhaps this wouldn't need to happen.

This is hardly the first quality venture on radio or tv to end this
way - Radio Angela had more weekly broadcasts than the original Outer
Limits television series  to name but one example, and the roads of
radio generally are littered with the corpses of worthy broadcasting
concepts and stillborn projects. My thanks to Angela and Allan Weiner
for going out on a limb and backing the project, to all the content
providers for their hard work and excellence, to the technical staff,
some of whom are no longer with us, and to those of you who cared that
we were on the air.

Those who lament the religious and political programming that keep
private shortwave stations alive are welcome to consider us a case
study in what is likely to happen without those dollars. I obviously
lack the right answer, but I have learned a great deal about the right
questions. 73,

William "Bill" Tilford, Owner/Producer
Tilford Productions, LLC
809 S. 20th ST
Lafayette, IN 47905-1551
email: bill@tilfordproductions.com
phone: 773.267.6548
website: www.tilfordproductions.com``

QSLs Received / Re: POPDEFECT Radio via TRI eQSL
« on: May 30, 2023, 0341 UTC »
Got mine as well, thanks!

S9+20 with the KFS Omni KiwiSDR. S7 direct.

0314 UTC-Josiah preaching
0522 UTC-OFF!

That was the longest broadcast I have ever heard from him! Must be a special thing for Memorial Day (Josiah is very Anti-War)? He came on live after the music earlier then went into another program after the live talk. Just played the music again (twice in one broadcast!), same talk again (sounds live but it’s the same as earlier). Maybe this will be sign off? Much stronger and stable S7-S8 reception at the end. I left the SDR recording going and checked back occasionally (no way I would listen to the whole thing!).

I've got them with a weak signal on the Maui Kiwi.

Looks like just noise on that KiwiSDR. Very close to the frequency this station is on but itís some sort of local noise, no recognizable carrier.

S7 with the KFS Omni KiwiSDR in California. Nothing on the KX4AZ KiwiSDR in Michigan. Weak on South American KiwiSDRs. Just a weak carrier here, only detectable in CW mode. Weird propagation?

0207 UTC-Weak but sounds like Spanish pop music?

Guessing AD149 Radio from Argentina with super weird propagation?

0245 - 0300 in ...   USB.!~!~!

Great sigs.  S9  w/ gud MOD.
Not sure of the mx... I'm too ancient.

Thatís Radio Free Whatever. This log is for the jammer that was all over the band.

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