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S7 direct.

0302 UTC-EDM

S9 with the Caribbean Netherlands KiwiSDR, but still horrible audio.

S9+10 with the K1VL KiwiSDR.

2249 UTC-Mission Impossible Theme
2250 UTC-Star Trek Theme
2251 UTC-The Twilight Zone Theme
2252 UTC-Dragnet Theme
2254 UTC-The Addams Family Theme

S9+10 with the N1NTE KiwiSDR.

2040 UTC-Talk about January 6
2216 UTC-ID
2220 UTC-OFF

S9+10 direct.

0222 UTC-Linger Awhile by The Calvin Jackson Quartet
0223 UTC-B Side Radio ID, previous tracks, good evening to everyone
0224 UTC-I Mean You by Thelonious Monk
0301 UTC-OFF

He wrote on Facebook February 28:

"CHARLESTON RADIO INTERNATIONAL is shut down by authoritys today afternoon. So its history and i thank you for listening and posting over the years. The project was made for 100 years of AM Radio. I hope you remember me fondly BYE BYE"

In reply to a comment he replied:

"they just took the transmitter with them. It goes in a Laboratory to check the power. And i will hear of them later. There was 3 mens here for the shut down, i was nice with them and they was also nice with me. They made photos of the transmitter place and the antenna. So now i wait for the Penalty bill."

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6930 AM 0415 UTC 27 FEB 2024
« on: February 27, 2024, 0416 UTC »
S9 direct.

0415 UTC-Music, weird polar propagation
0428 UTC-Some Other Time by Bill Evans

S7 direct vs local noise on frequency.

0133 UTC-Good Times Bad Times by Led Zeppelin       

S9+20 with the K3FEF KiwiSDR.

0013 UTC-Music

S9+20 with the K3FEF KiwiSDR. Weak (S6) direct.

0321 UTC-Carrier
0322 UTC-Irufushi by Super8 & Tab

S9+40 with the K3FEF KiwiSDR. Barely audible direct.

0219 UTC-Music
0222 UTC-Must have switched antennas, dropped on K3FEF but came way up to S9 direct
0314 UTC-Still strong here!

S8 direct.

0145 UTC-Music

S9+20 with the K3FEF KiwiSDR.

0104 UTC-Mr. Douchebag by Your Favorite Martian
0105 UTC-ID, message to the jammer

If this is the same station as 6950, I don't think this is a ham TX. They usually have very clean and wide FM. This one has hum, is very narrow, and drifts in frequency (during silence you can still see the carrier move). Looks like a homebrew TX of some kind.

S9+20 direct.

0310 UTC-Jazz
0314 UTC-Bud Bigly talking about the music, B Side Radio ID
0314 UTC-Next song
0341 UTC-After Hours by Jimmy Smith
0351 UTC-Bud talking about the music, ID
0352 UTC-I Wish I Knew by John Coltrane
0357 UTC-Fly Away by Brother Jack McDuff
0411 UTC-Shout out to Boat Anchor Radio, ID, hello to HFU posters, last song, good night
0412 UTC-Green Chimneys by Thelonious Monk
0421 UTC-OFF

Thanks for the show!

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