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S9+10 direct. S9+40 with the VE6JY KiwiSDR.

0300 UTC-Nation Time by Joe McPhee
0319 UTC-This is B Side Radio with Bud Bigly, hello to me and Nitroengine, talking about my reception (I’m listening direct but also recording from the SDR)
0321 UTC-II B.S. by Charles Mingus
0325 UTC-Lazy Afternoon by John Coltrane
0333 UTC-B Side Radio, getting some rumble on the turntables, talking about the music, hello to people on the HFU
0335 UTC-For Miles and Miles by Chet Baker
0343 UTC-That was a brand new record and it was skipping, talking about the music, B Side Radio
0344 UTC-Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Jimmy Smith
0349 UTC-Talking about the music, this is B Side Radio with Bud Bigly, hello to people on the HFU
0350 UTC-Everything Happens to Me by Dave Brubeck
0353 UTC-Technical difficulties
0356 UTC-Had some technical difficulties, B Side Radio with Bud Bigly, going to make this the last song, talking about the music, thanks to everyone on the HFU
0358 UTC-Change (Makes You Want To Hustle) by Donald Byrd
0403 UTC-OFF

Shortwave Broadcast / CFVP 6030 AM 2244 UTC 14 JUN 2023
« on: June 14, 2023, 2250 UTC »
S9+10 with the VE6JY KiwiSDR, good 20 kHz wide audio. Very sad to see this station leaving the air  :'(

2244 UTC-Music and announcement loop

S9 with the KB6C KiwiSDR. Nothing heard when checked at 0330 UTC.

0350 UTC-Josiah preaching
0424 UTC-OFF

S9+20 with the KB6C KiwiSDR.

0310 UTC-Josiah preaching
0411 UTC-Days of Hard Life by Lace
0413 UTC-Sign off message
0421 UTC-OFF after about 30 seconds of dead air

S9 with the VK2GGC KiwiSDR.

1635 UTC-Paradothika Se Sena by Natasa Theodoridou
1636 UTC-Roz Bikini (Itsy, Bitsy, Teenie, Weenie) by Polina
1639 UTC-Ti Amarties Eho Kanei by Haris Kostopoulos
1644 UTC-Vreite Mou Kapoia by Haris Kostopoulos

Shortwave Broadcast / Station X 2325 AM 1557 UTC 11 JUN 2023
« on: June 11, 2023, 1558 UTC »
S7 with the VK2GGC KiwiSDR. Nice to hear this Australian hobby station back again!

1557 UTC-Everything She Wants (Remix) by Wham!
1558 UTC-Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen
1601 UTC-Station X jingle
1601 UTC-To Be with You by Mr. Big
1604 UTC-Lady Marmalade by LaBelle
1608 UTC-Is This Love? by Alison Moyet
1612 UTC-The Boys of Summer by Don Henley
1617 UTC-Always choose a designated driver PSA
1617 UTC-Medicare PSA
1618 UTC-Myeloma PSA
1618 UTC-Station X ID
1619 UTC-Soul BassNova by Quincy Jones
1622 UTC-Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous by Good Charlotte
1625 UTC-Station X ID
1625 UTC-Hit and Run by Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons
1628 UTC-Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine (Pts. 1 & 2) by James Brown

Spy Numbers / V07 13927 USB 0700 UTC 11 JUN 2023
« on: June 11, 2023, 0719 UTC »
S7 direct.

0700 UTC-YL reading Spanish numbers

S5 with the KB6C KiwiSDR.

0303 UTC-Josiah preaching

S9+10 with the KFS Omni KiwiSDR.

0331 UTC-Josiah preaching
0402 UTC-Days of Hard Life by Lace
0405 UTC-Sounds like a live sign off
0411 UTC-Postal address
0413 UTC-OFF

Lots of static, but this is what I got:

Josiah Elliot
PO Box 1732
Inyokern, California

S7 direct.

0405 UTC-Josiah preaching
0407 UTC-Sign off message with postal address
0408 UTC-OFF

From World of Radio:

Hi Glenn - Back on May 30, noticed a  carrier on about 7399.83 kHz. AM, from tuning in at 0735+ UT. Best reception occurred
at 1101 UT, when I noted the often heard distinctive segment with a child's voice, along with a man. Sounded like the usual
Russian programming of "Radio Channel Eastern Star," with a lot of songs, but most of the time I was only able to hear the
carrier. Sent off a reception report and audio clip (attached).

Am very grateful that on June 6, I received the following informative reply. Ron (California)

"Yes thank you very very much for following along with me as I am setting up this new transmitter!
The power level at that time was around 5-10 watts carrier. However, by the time I write this email, I have drafted a different design
which gave me much better stability and audio, however, the carrier power is only 2.5 watts. Right now I am transmitting on 7401 khz
or so, I will fix this later, it's not too hard, just a line of code. I am currently working on the amplifier to get those 2.5 watts to 25 watts
carrier, once everything functions properly I will have the free time to send out QSL cards etc.. Please remind me on my other email
as well, 87.7fmradiopushka @ gmail.com .
Yes, I am going to rebrand the station into Kawaii FM, or at least that is my plan for now. There is already a Japanese segment of the
show on MTW evenings. Thank you again very much for listening, I might mention your name on air sometime if you are ok with it.
I apologize for the poor modulation on that day, the transmitter was not working the way I would have hoped too, I forgot that mosfets
have a threshold voltage."

S7 with the KK6PR KiwiSDR.

0309 UTC-Josiah preaching

S9+10 direct.

0240 UTC-Music
0244 UTC-Two Dog Radio ID

0255 UTC-Mr. Brownstone by Guns N' Roses
0259 UTC-Faust by Emigrate
0304 UTC-Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top
0306 UTC-“This just isn’t working out, Two Dog Radio having a hell of a time”
0306 UTC-I Was Wrong by The Sisters of Mercy
0314 UTC-Red, White & Blue by Godsmack
0318 UTC-I’ve got stuff today before it gets dark, good evening all
0318 UTC-OFF

S9+10 with the KFS Omni KiwiSDR.

0341 UTC-Josiah preaching

Exact frequency is 6016.69 kHz. S9 with the Bonaire KiwiSDR.

0224 UTC-Colombian Music

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