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Now on exactly 6329.8 kHz. S9 with Northwest Ireland KiwiSDR.

2025 UTC-Radio Clash ID
2026 UTC-Brimful of Asha (Norman Cook Remix) by Cornershop
2042 UTC-Shoutouts to listeners, maybe on the HFU? (I heard ukdxer mentioned) (thanks! Not sure if you saw my post, the static is very bad and I missed one of the names)
2043 UTC-When We Were Young by Whipping Boy
2057 UTC-I Only Want To Be With You by Dusty Springfield

S7 with SDR Plosnk KiwiSDR in Poland.

1718 UTC-Varvara by Bi-2

S9 with W3HFU KiwiSDR. Now S7 since 0305 UTC. Carrier been on at least since 0255 UTC but audio only came on at 0301 UTC. Signal keeps going off then coming back on. Signal strength changing rapidly, possibly changing power levels while transmitting?

0301 UTC-Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor
0305 UTC-Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins
0308 UTC-Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Swede
0311 UTC-Happy by Pharrell Williams
0315 UTC-25 Or 6 To 4 by Chicago
0320 UTC-Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? by Chicago
0324 UTC-Colour My World by Chicago
0327 UTC-Just You 'N' Me by Chicago
0330 UTC-OFF

Thanks to Big Badfish Al for the ID.

Exact frequency is 6264.03 kHz. S7 with Northwest Ireland KiwiSDR. Hello Dave1965!

1811 UTC-Spinning Wheel by Blood & Sweat & Tears
1822 UTC-Girlie P. S. I Love You by The Peddlers
1826 UTC-OFF then back on
1827 UTC-Suicide Is Painless by The Mash
1829 UTC-Sad Clown by Chicken Shack
1831 UTC-Runnin' With The Devil by Van Halen
1834 UTC-Eruption by Van Halen
1836 UTC-You Really Got Me by Van Halen
1839 UTC-Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love by Van Halen
1842 UTC-Talk in Dutch
1843 UTC-Music by John Miles
1937 UTC-Cold As Ice by Foreigner
1940 UTC-Mama by Genesis
1942 UTC-OFF
1949 UTC-Now a blank carrier
1949 UTC-Piece Of The Rock by Mother's Finest

Exact frequency is 6209.97 kHz. Weak S7 with Northwest Ireland KiwiSDR.

1644 UTC-Streets Of Love by The Rolling Stones
1648 UTC-Talk, hard to hear
1649 UTC-Back From the Dead by Halestorm
1653 UTC-Out Of Sight by Hangover Paradise
1700 UTC-King Shortwave Jingle
1700 UTC-Song Shazam can’t ID

S7 with W3HFU KiwiSDR.

0050 UTC-Mass Production by Iggy Pop
0051 UTC-CW over the music
0054 UTC-The Passenger by Iggy Pop
0059 UTC-Consolation Prizes by Iggy Pop
0102 UTC-I'm Bored by Iggy Pop
0104 UTC-OFF mid song

QSLs Received / Scandinavian Weekend Radio eQSL 4 June 2022
« on: June 07, 2022, 1543 UTC »
Thank you for the eQSL!

Radio Voz Missionaria on frequency? Hearing an S7 signal in Portuguese on 9665.09 kHz with the Chilliwack, BC, Canada KiwiSDR. Sounds like religious programming typical of Radio Voz Missionaria. Usually they are very off frequency, around 9666V kHz. Still off frequency but quite an improvement.

Shortwave Broadcast / CFVP Calgary 6030 AM 0335 UTC 7 Jun 2022
« on: June 07, 2022, 0341 UTC »
Strange propagation tonight. CFVP just below Marti most of the time with the Chilliwack, BC, Canada KiwiSDR. Occasionally rising above Marti. Weak signal from the jammer. Signal strength of CFVP changing a lot. Usually there is no trance of CFVP when Marti is on, even on KiwiSDR’s in Calgary.

0342 UTC-Ads, signal now at the same strength as Marti
0343 UTC-Comedy programming, just below Marti

QSLs Received / Radio Five Corners eQSL 5 June 2022
« on: June 06, 2022, 2333 UTC »
Thank you for the eQSL!

QSLs Received / Misti Radio eQSL 5 June 2022
« on: June 06, 2022, 2320 UTC »
Thank you for the eQSL!

S9+20 with Northwest Ireland KiwiSDR.

2126 UTC-Space Age Love Song by A Flock Of Seagulls

Exact frequency is 6959.97 kHz. Okay S7 signal with Canary Islands KiwiSDR. UNID Tango station.

2003 UTC-Yo No Sť Llorar by Osvaldo Fresedo Y Su Orquesta Feat. Roberto Ray
2005 UTC-Rondando Tu Esquina by Angel Vargas
2010 UTC-Como El Hornero by Angel Vargas

Exact frequency is 6204.93 kHz. Weak S7 with Northwest Ireland KiwiSDR. Ute on LSB.

1951 UTC-Love's Theme by The Love Unlimited Orchestra
1953 UTC-Wonderful Land by The Shadows
1955 UTC-Charly by Santabarbara
2000 UTC-OFF with no ID

S7 with Northwest Ireland KiwiSDR. Strong ute on USB.

1946 UTC-A' You're Adorable by Jo Stafford

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