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2336: music; carrier was on about 2 minutes prior to programming;
"Are Friends Electric" - Tubeway Army & Gary Numan, with CW "VO"
2339: dogs barking/howling, then "W-D-O-G" ID -> "I Can't Explain" - The Who ("TW")
2341: "Tattoo" - TW

Thank you for the broadcast, WDOG!

2313: religious programming; sign-on about 1 min ago, I think
2315: OM mentioned "... Radio... 6925 kHz..."; too much noise and fading
-- ID in subject line changed per CT Yankee post below; THANKS CTY
2326: ID by OM sounds like synth voice -> more preaching
2329: ironically, LSB splatter QRM from pescadores to Pescadore Radio

Thank you for the broadcast!

0138: music - "Hells Bells" - AC/DC
0141: OM talking, but distorted here -> music (can't ID - too weak now); 15111
0145: Shazam says this song is "She Blinded Me With Science" - Thomas Dolby

Thank you for the show!

0038: music - "1921" - The Who
0039: "Amazing Journey/Sparks" - The Who
35444, S9+
0046: OM w/ID "W-D-O-G" -> "Christmas" - The Who ("TW")
0050: "Pinball Wizard" - TW
0052: "Tommy, Can You Hear Me?" - TW; followed by more songs from "Tommy"
0057: ID, then silent; EOT?

Thank you for the broadcast!

0126: music
0129: ID -> "Astronaut in the Ocean" - Masked Wolf
55555, S9+10 peaks
0132: mentioned HFU and yours truly - THANKS
0137: "Alive" - Pearl Jam, with VO ID, mentions Facebook
0138: "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation. Attention all planets of the Solar Federation. Attention all planets of the Solar Federation. We have assumed control. We have assumed control. We have assumed control." -> "The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair" - Led Zeppelin
0142: "Wake Up Little Suzy" - Everly Bros.
0144: "Attention ... We have assumed control" -> "The Wanderer" - Dion
0147: "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" - Manfred Mann

I heartily welcome the Solar Federation. Please eat the Canadians first!
Thank you for the show!

0125: music, like 6955 a minute ago, sounds like Hendrix
0126: "Android" - Ultra

SSTV (missed the beginning):

Thank you for the show!

0123: music, sounds like Hendrix

0100: music, then OM: "Thanks for listening. The transmission is about to begin."
0100: "Fall Down" - Toad the Wet Sprocket
0103: "Big Time Sensuality" - björk

0104: either 2 stations on 6950 or this one playing one song over another
0112: Emily thanking those who sent reception reports, mentions HFU
0113: "Bang and Blame" - R.E.M.
0117: "I'll Take You There" - General Public
0121: YL: "From the United States of America, this is Channel 94"

Thank you for the show!

0007 big signal, very slight LSB band side makes me believe that this is Mix Radio. Tuned in at the Sigma kiwi SDR (MA/CT border).
When I saw the freq, the wide signal and signal strength, I too thought of MRI. They aren't doing the inline waterfall pics/text, but still ...

0002: music, wide BW, "Alejandro" - Lady Gaga
0006: "Parachute" - Cheryl
0009: "Te Amo" - Rihanna
0013: "Good Times" - Roll Deep, Jodie Connor
0016: "Commander" - David Guetta, Kelly Rowland
55545, S9+
0018: There it is - the waterfall pics/text! Maybe they read my post.

0029: YL: "You are listening to Mix Radio International on shortwave." -> "Stereo Love" - Edward Maya, Vika Jiguilina
0031: "Yellow Rose of Texas" w/YL (Michelle) ID and skeds; mentions Radio Igloo (special QSL for this show) radioigloo@gmail.com
0051: "Devil in Disguise" - Elvis Pressley

0055: mention of Radio Syd and financing
0056: "If I Had a Hammer" - Trini Lopex

Thank you for the show! Great to hear you again after so long!

1620 Sex story by English OM ..too hot for me! Gotta tune out!
Well ... they picked an appropriate frequency.

1613: somebody talking, moaning and generally have a bizarre old time; can't understand a word of it; they've been carrying on for a while now
1623: ID by OM, then apparently EOT
1624: back on air, ID by OM -> someone talking again
1629: "oooh, it takes my breath away" -- maybe a nebulizer would help


1528: music, light rock instrumental, with VO of what I think was an ID
1530: WTNO ? can't make it out due to noise and low signal; into more light rock mx
Thanks flexoman61 for catching the ID!
1534: another ID -> more mx
- has nearly faded out completely here, with audio just above noise; 15221
1541: back a little better w/ "Rongwrong" - Phil Manzanara
1544: ID -> mx w/vocals - SoundHound says "The Belldog" - Brian Eno, Dieter Moebius, HJ Roedelius
~1602: EOT

Thank you for the show!

0105: music "Are 'Friends' Electric" - Tubeway Army and Gary Numan
- CW is noted at times, along with barking and howling
0108: ID, "A Hard Days Night" - Beatles, repeated
0113: ID, various takes of Beatles songs

Thank you for the show!

0101: music "Breaking the Girl" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
0105: "Here Come My Girl" - Tom Petty and Heartbreakers

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