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2340'ish onwards:  Talk on vaccine and then AIDS

2346:  ID "We are The voice of the Sons of Liberty"

2350:  Off the air

Huge signal on the Kiwi SDR.  Thanks for the show!

0333: Decent signal but lots of static
0334:  Sounded like ID just can't dig out of static
0338:  sounds like "Crazy Ace" signing off?
O344: show continues but I just can't copy much.

Sounds interesting - hope to hear again under better conditions!

2312:  "Low Rider"- not War's version?
2316:  Radio 48 ID?
2317:  reception reports to protonmail
2318:  Radio 48 on Mix Radio Intl
2319: Some Kate Bush mix "Running Up That Hill"
2323:  ID's
2324:  "Broadcasting from the United States of America"

SIO: 444 with some fades but overall easy listening.

0101:  Bad Company "Shooting star"
0106:  "One Toke Over the Line"
0114:  Byrds: "So You Want to Be a Rock n Roll Star
0116: Toto:  "Hold the Line"
0119:  McCoo & Davis "You Don't Have to be a Star"

333 clear signal but lots of static.  Direct reception (not SDR).  Thanks for the show!

ID @0041 sounded like "Brother Sam"? (Brother Stair)
Clear ID @ 0045 "Radio 69"
0051:  Twisted Sister "We're Not Gonna Take It"
0053:  Queen "Somebody to Love"
0057:  ID Followed by Queen "Fat Bottomed Girls"
Listening on KiwiSDR :  Audio seems to be getting better

0028:  Dick Weed introducing The Hives "Hooked on a Feeling" cover
0030:  RFW ID
0033:  "On My Mind"? song
0037:  "Wild Thing"
0040:  "Latest and greatest in alt and indy pop". (Thanks for the call-out and stay safe!)
0041:  Logan "Stop and Stare"

0139:  Not logging but listening to the whole show on the KiwiSDR.   Thanks again!
0204:  Sign off

Listening via KiwiSDR tonight and enjoying.  Thanks for the show!

2255 onwards

Not near radio so listening via SDR - NBC reporting about Dick Bulger
2301:  Elon Musk reporting Dick making electric cars out of beer cans
2302:  "Remember Me(?) song
2304:  "Dick is an alcolholic and lived in a dumpster" 

0207:  Chuck Berry " No Particular Place to Go
0208:  Raspberries"Go All the Way"
0212- ID
0212 - Unid song for me "Sooner or Later"?

Very audible but lots of static for me

0245 "Because I Got High"
Sound effects
0249 Tom Petty "Last Dance for Mary Jane"
0253: sound effects
0254:  I'm in love with Mary Jane

444 Big signal nice and clear.  thanks!

0040 onwards.  Outstanding signal in NW Indiana.

DJ Dick the "hot dad" with ID leading into "Hot Dad" by CARR.

Great show.  Thanks for the broadcast!

0234:  sounds like hit countdown followed by Beatles "Get Back"

0241: Higher & Higher"

Reasonable signal but bad static here.

0110 ID
0111 Stones "It's Only Rock n Roll"
0115 "Only the Strong Survive"
0117: "I Only Wanna Be With You"
0121: ID  and QSL info.   Asia "only time will tell"

Decent, clear signal with some static crashes.  Thanks for the broadcast!

0032 booming signal
0039 Texas Radio Shortwave w/QSL info
0042 Yellow Rose of Texas
0043: ID and QSL info
0043: kiss me in the night?
0046: you're listening to mix radio worldwide

Awesome signal!  Viva Texas!

Listening since 23:03.  Nice music just under a bed of static.  23:13 ID Radio Laboratory?

0005: "Spooky"
0006:  "Light my Fire" - Feliciano?
0029: "Angel of the Morning"

Weak but still pretty clear.

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